Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Altered States of Consciousness: My Journey Through a Black Hole

Meditation is a key part of my life nowadays.  My life has been very busy these days, so it leaves my brain all over the place throughout the day.  I use meditation to help focus my mind on specific topics especially when pondering the world of Astronomy and Physics.  I am able to truly reach a meditated state when I work out and when I am lying in bed at night when I am able to focus my mind on one thing, and my mind works in a way that scares me and excites me simultaneously.  Every time I am able to reach this meditated state I find that my mind diverges on one thing.  The location in time and space leaves my body entering a black hole, and so the journey begins.

Reaching this state of altered consciousness can be very difficult, and if I wish to reach such a state I truly have to erase every thought that enters my brain.  Once I reach such a state, I can finally begin leaving my reality on Earth, and find myself converging on a black hole.  As I approach the black hole, my body starts to move faster and faster around the black hole as I inch closer and closer to the event horizon or circumference/perimeter of the black hole.  This is often referred to as the point of no return.  As I become deeper and deeper in thought, the picture in my mind becomes more and more vivid and detailed.  Finally, after a few moments in real time which could be many, many years in my dreams, I finally reach the event horizon, and things become very bizarre.  As I enter the black hole, my body starts to become stretched which is referred to is spaghettification.  Basically, as an object is pulled by the infinite force of gravity at the singularity, the object is ripped apart as a result.  The part of the object (my body) that is closer to the singularity (point of infinite density and gravity at the bottom of the black hole) begins to be pulled harder that the object that is farthest away from the singularity (my head).  As my body is ripped apart atom by atom, I start to see my body not like it was before, but I start seeing a serious of numbers that rush by through my mental picture.  The series of numbers I see are 1's and 0's, which in the computer world is known as binary code.  I start to see my body not as it was, but as information in a quantum state.  My mind is now consumed by the thought of finally reaching the bottom, and finally knowing what is at the end of the road. 

I finally reach the bottom.  As the density of the concentrated bits of energy increases in the Planck scale at the singularity, my mind waits in excitement for what happens next.  You'll find out in my next blog.  See you next time for the rest of the story. 

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