Monday, March 25, 2013

Excessive White House Spending

As I wake up every day, many ideas pass in out of my conscious thought.  Sometimes a lot of the ideas are more prevalent than others.  Although I may forget them because I prioritize some more than others, the thought of White House spending continues to prevail in my thought process just as much as the universe.  Being a political thinker must come from my last name, Kennedy.  Although I may not be directly related to JFK, I have done extensive research on the Kennedy and Mannion clan, and we all come from the same place in Ireland.  My scientific mindset comes from my Czech and German background coming from my father's maternal woman who is first generation German immigrant who came before to America to escape the tyrannical grips of Nazi German.  My mother's father was an engineer for GM in Detroit when Detroit was a booming industrial economy, so that is where I get my visions for designing.  So how do I rationalize excessive government spending, and what should be done about it?

The average American has a daily, monthly, and yearly budget that has to fit the means of which they can afford.  If they spend more than they make, then the said family goes broke, and in turn, builds excessive debt.  In my opinion, this should apply to the White House.  Our president and vice president go on trips that exceed millions of dollars that we as Americans pay considering our tax dollars help pay for this excessive lifestyle.  Obama preaches that he comes from a modest family, yet he goes on vacations and trips where he spends millions by bringing 100’s of people along.  Allen Iverson went broke because he paid for his entire entourage while he was in the NBA.  I just read that VP Biden spent a $500,000 on a trip to France that lasted but a few days.  This excessive spending is absolutely ridiculous considering our country is extremely broke or so it appears to be. 

Using tax payer money to help pay for your lavish lifestyle is just immoral and unethical.  The White House should be given a yearly budget for which they can spend accordingly.  I understand as the President you must spend a lot of money to handle your job because jet fuel and certain accommodations are not cheap, but you need to take a more conservative mindset to your private fiscal policy as President and Vice President.  The tax payer's money is not your private piggy bank, and you need to learn that you cannot act like a kid in a candy store with your use to it.  I bet you wouldn't act so freely with your own money, which is probably how you became such a rich man to begin with.  The key to business is to make more money than one spends, so please see your White House budget as such, and since the last time I read the Constitution, your job isn't to make money or spend money, but to perform a task that is to maintain order and maintain a solid foreign policy to promote peace and prosperity domestically and internationally.  I will give it to you; you’re doing a good job maintaining diplomatic relations throughout the world to prevent all out war besides your use of drones.

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