Sunday, March 24, 2013

Facebook Taking Your Pictures/Thoughts and Calling Them Their Property: Why FaceBook's Actions Are Justified

This afternoon my father and I had a chat about private property, and companies using your property for their business.  Although, my dad does not have Facebook, and has never been on the website, he made a lot of sense to me today.  I initiated the conversation by saying how I did not feel as though Facebook should be able to say that my pictures and thoughts should not be considered their property.  He began his rebuttal by telling me that Facebook is a company, and anything you put on their page belongs to them since your putting property within their company.  I came back by saying, well Dad your absolutely right, but shouldn't the property be of mutual ownership since the individual took the pictures or words, and physically put the property on the social network of Facebook.  He agreed to an extent that your pictures and words are yours, but the individual knowing puts the information on the company's website with the knowledge that they are a legitimate company who makes money off of your usage of their site.  My father completely changed my personal perception on Facebook's laws, but whether they should have gone public is a matter of opinion of each and every one of us.  Zuckerberg's revolutionary idea and hard work are certainly worth the billions he has now made as a result of years of labor.

I've come to the realization that if one does not like the fact that Facebook is a company, and anything you put on their site is now their property, than simply do not put your thoughts and pictures on the website.  We are all given the choice to put things on the social network, and in my opinion, so if you do not want your pictures and thoughts to have mutual ownership between the company and yourself than simply do not put them on the site and they won't be. 

This does not mean that Facebook and its shareholders should use your information for evil because if you did not know the FBI uses Facebook pictures for their new facial recognition system, which they've spent billions to be able to spy on you.  What gives them the right to do that by invading your privacy?  The only way they can do that is if the U.S. government owns a part of Facebook, and being that our economy is capitalistic in nature, that would mean that the government owns part of the means of production, which in turn, means we are both a socialist and democratic republic.  This leads me to think that if this is the case, we are being lied to because in a capitalist society, we believe in a laissez faire economy where the government plays a hands off role to business.  The government only intervenes in the economy where they see fit, and plays a blind eye where they want which is absolutely absurd.  If the executive branch uses their implied powers to rationalize this decision, then I’d say see you in the Supreme Court, but Obama has packed the Court with judges he’s appointed so once again I’ll say GOODLUCK to myself and the American Public.

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