Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Human Beings: Biological Evolution and Life Experience Leads to More Logical /Abstract Thinking

Human beings, in my opinion, are the end result of 4 billion years of natural selection and evolution.  Over the course of billions of years of change in terms of living organisms, we as humans have been able to call ourselves the final product of the evolutionary process here on Earth as of right now.  Some speculate on human beings one day becoming more like autonomous robots down the road, but that obviously would not be from natural processes, but from human manipulation.  Sometimes I lie at night and wonder what causes some of us to act more like our primate ancestors who live off primitive instincts while others use more abstract and logical thought processes.  I've deduced this rationalization into two distinct reasons: the amount of neurons in our brains, and our life experiences that have drove us as people to either have the ability to act more logically or revert back to our primitive nature.

First I shall talk to you about the biological processes of the human race.  Genetics plays a key role in the evolution of each and every one of us.  Why is it that some people seem to have more intelligent thought processes than others, and what truly constitutes intelligence?  Intelligence is all relative to the perception of how one rationalizes it.  To me, intelligence is the ability to think critically with logical reasoning, the ability to have abstract thoughts, and the ability to see every possible angle that elaborates on several different perspectives of a given situation.  This to me comes from one's genetics, for some people are able to do this with ease, while some have to work hard to achieve this goal, and some just cannot do it all.  This idea leads me to think about the amount of neurons one has in their brain, and how many neural connections one's brain can make from such intelligent thought.  The more neurons and structures that comes with its abundance on a biological level leads me to believe that those individuals who possess such fortunate biological tools will be able to overcome their primitive nature and think more like an intelligent being.  The more neural connections one builds over a given lifetime will lead to better overall reasoning skills, abstract thought, and enhanced ability to see the world in a broader perspective.  For example, the average human has 100 billion neurons in their brain, while a worm has 302 (i'd source this but i forget where i got info from about the worm).  The more neurons one has the more conscious thought they are bound to have, so a human who has more neurons will obviously be able to think more than one who has less.  Unfortunately, we as humans are born with a certain capacity for intelligence, and it rarely deviates to a higher level than your biological means has set for an individual.  At the same time, our personality as human beings plays a key role in our thought processes.  One's self-interest dictates what one thinks about, and that is the greatest thing about people, none of us are exactly the same and the diversity is what makes mankind such a beautiful creation. 

Although biology and evolution has a great effect on our evolution as a race, so does our life experiences.  People who have to revert to primitive thinking and actions for means of survival will be less inclined to think like a human being and more like a primate.  This may sound really rude and arrogant, but I do not mean to apply emotion when I write this blog entry, but to use logic devoid of human emotion.  Primitive instincts may include having to do whatever it takes to eat and drink and to protect their family members just like in the wild.  Those who do not have the means or comfort like some of us, have to worry about our next meal and will forgo abstract thought and reasoning because their thought process is overwhelmed by their hunger for we all need food and water to continue to live and breathe.  This is a sad reality for some people all over the world, and it truly is a sad realization.  The other concept that leads to primitive mindset is the means of having to protect one's self and family from being harmed.  By having to worry about survival in those terms, one has to worry about being killed before having the time or ability to think about improving one's intelligence in other matters that those who are more fortunate have the ability to do.  It is the sad truth that in such a modern society, some people still have to live their life in such a manner that reverts back to primitive nature, but unfortunately it continues to happen.  Being an optimist in nature, I feel that at some point in the future we can rid the world of this outlook on life, so all can enjoy life in a manner that will promote such a higher level thought process, but only time will tell.

In the end, I hope we all evolve to a point where the human race is a society of abstract, logical, and intelligent thinkers.  It won't be easy, but by means of working together to promote such a world I would have to end by saying this: ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IF YOU SET YOUR MIND TO IT!

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