Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Naked Truth About The Drink Company NAKED

For much of my adult life I have tried to keep on a healthy diet by consuming mainly lean meat, natural sugars, and of course carbohydrates that will help me sustain a healthy amount of energy throughout my daily life.  I am a firm believer that a strong body promotes a strong mind, and  strong mind promotes a strong body.  I have taken a liking to fruit smoothies since my days at La Salle University.  At the University Union building, they offered a smoothie station where one could order from dozens of different types of combinations.  The ingredients used were fresh fruit, so you knew what you were getting since they made it right in front of you.  My all-time favorite even to this day is the Strawberry Banana smoothie.  Every day, either before or after class I would gulp down a large Strawberry Banana smoothie because not only did it taste absolutely delicious, it made me feel good physically and mentally.  Since the life of a college athlete was extremely draining at some points, the small things such as a drink such as a smoothie can really help you get over the hump of a physically draining day. 

Although I do not play baseball anymore at that level, I still work out every day and my taste buds have not changed in regards to my appeal of this fruity delight.  I used to purchase my smoothies from WAWA, but come to find out when I looked up the nutritional value on the computer, a 16 oz. Strawberry Banana smoothie has over 100 grams of sugar, and the strawberry is not real strawberry, but simply artificial syrup that tastes like strawberry. My love for the flavor was right away taken over by the sugar count, so I rationalized in brain that I needed to find something new.

I was in BJ's Wholesale a couple weeks ago, and I came across the drink and company NAKED.  I saw that it had all natural sugars, no GMO's, and no artificial flavors right on the label.  I instantly grabbed the Strawberry Banana flavored smoothie bottle.  A friend of mine posted something on his Facebook this past week about foods and beverages that promote this type of healthy diet, and as a result I referred this product.  What I found out will frighten you:

The company NAKED is owned by PEPSICO(soft drink company we all know and love), and has been sued multiple times over false labels.  Experts have found traces of the products that they blatantly said were not in the smoothie such as GMO’s and artificial sugars.  If you do not believe me, look it up.  The FDA is such a giant bureaucracy in this country, and yet they let things like this slide, but they will deny the use of new cancer treatments or other things that can truly help people.  THIS NEEDS TO STOP!  Your job as a government is to promote the well-being of the people you serve, not lie to them about things.  The Founding Fathers all agreed that government should not be a part of business, you are simply there to protect the people.   As far as I know, money stopped living when you cut down the tree from which it came from.

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