Wednesday, March 6, 2013

War Mongering is More Important Than The Education Of Our Youth according to President Obama and his Cronies


Over my lifetime I have been taught that American is the greatest country on Earth due the freedoms that we possess as citizens because of the Constitution that our founders worked hard to create.  We are born with inalienable rights as human beings to live free and prosper with hard work, and a good education.  Our founding fathers passed the Bill of Rights to make sure that no citizen's rights shall be infringed upon, so long as they shall live and breathe in this country.  As I have grown into a young adult, my view of this country has gone from an innocent boy who believed that my government was truly the best in the world, to a man who's ideology has changed.  As a boy, I was naive to what the television and our government has told us.  Our government is simply a war mongering group that uses our freedom to endeavor in every countries business that we feel we need to change.  While they tell us we are fighting these wars for our freedom, they are taking our money and creating a perpetual war machine that is trying to take over the world while at the same time feeding its people lies along the way.  The average person does not know how much money that our government and big business has made in precious natural resources over in Afghanistan, yet our government is in debt to China for trillions of dollars.  We are hindering on the rights of people all over the world, making innocent human beings fear for their lives through cowardly drone attacks, now American citizens must fear for their lives if Obama passes a law permitting the use of DRONE ATTACKS ON AMERICAN CITIZENS.  On top of that, they give billions of dollars in subsidies to investment banks whose sole purpose in this world is to make money, so why do they need money from our government to survive. Why, because they bet the whole ranch on risky investments knowing that if they fail they will still get free money from the government.  While our government spends more and more money on advanced technological weapons and to BIG BANKS and CORPORATIONS who do not need it (we are a capitalist economy are we not? It's survival of the fittest in business) they are cutting funding for the most important thing in the entire world, education of our youth.  So why may I ask you Mr. Obama, do you feel the need to cut funding from our youth's education, yet continue to give billions of dollars to create things whose sole purpose is to take the lives of other people, while getting rid of appropriations that go towards enriching the lives of our youth, the most innocent and precious thing in the entire world.  Ohh yeah I forget, giving someone a free public education does not make you any money in the near future, so why not cut it? I guess he does not care about the youth of this country; he'd rather pass laws allowing him to kill anyone that speaks against him, and his cronies.When you came into office you criticized Bush for his war mongering actions, yet you have taken it a step further with your own.     YOU ARE TRYING TO TAKE AWAY EVERYTHING THAT HAS MADE THIS COUNTRY GREAT.  YOU HAD ME FOOLED MR. PRESIDENT, but you cannot hide behind that ability to talk any longer.  Every human being on this earth deserves the inalienable right to live a free life without worry of their government trying to tighten its grip on society.  Why don't you come on television, and explain to us why you feel the need to pass a law that allows you to kill at will any AMERICAN CITIZEN you feel is a threat to your power without due process of law?  YET YOU COME ON TELEVISION TO DISCUSS GUN CONTROL OF YOUR CITZENS WHILE YOU’RE TRYING TO PASS A LAW THAT ALLOWS YOU TO KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE. IF YOU PASS THIS LAW, YOU WILL BE JUST LIKE THOSE HORRIBLE PEOPLE WHO TOOK THE LIVES OF THOSE INNOCENT MEN, WOMEN, AND CHILDREN IN THE PAST YEAR IN COLORADO, CONNECTICUT, AND ANY OTHER INCIDENT WHERE AN INNOCENT LIFE HAS BEEN TAKEN, BUT DID NOT MAKE IT TO THE HEADLINE NEWS BECAUSE IT WASN'T IN YOUR BEST INTEREST TO DO SO.  My generation is onto the US government's ruthless war mongering actions that are hidden behind the thought of making this world more safe from terrorists when you are the one's this world needs to worry about.  War and terror will never fix anything, and it obviously hasn't if you look at the past or know anything about it.  Instead of focusing on inflicting fear into the lives of people all over the world, why not try to enrich the world with free education, instead of cutting money from the most important thing in the entire world, FILLING EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING'S BRAIN WILL INFORMATION THAT WILL BE USEFUL FOR THEIR SUCCESS IN LIFE WHILE THEIR ON THIS GREAT EARTH.

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