Sunday, April 28, 2013

Solutions to America's Political, Economic, and Social Issues For a Brighter Future

For all of human history, citizens, companies, bankers, economists, and politicians have feuded over what is the best policy for creating a stable and working economy from top to bottom to allow the flow of money to run freely in a society.  From biased and unbiased research from studying the past and the present, people try to make predictions for the future, but only a few are gifted to see the future before it happens.  The future can be envisioned by  one man, but it takes a collective conscious to establish a new gateway for change to emerge.  Time causes corruption and complacency for those who forgot where they came from, the struggles they've endured, and the sacrifices they've made to make it to the where they are.  Obama speaks of distribution of wealth, but he does not show Americans how to make it happen.  He makes laws by way of executive orders, but doesn't make sure that they are enforced, and some of them are just wrong from my perception.  He allows giant corporations to continue to take advantage of those same people he promised to help and protect.  America was built on hard work and dedication to help bring oneself up from the bootstraps of poverty and from being a middle class slave, to a successful and proud American.  Instead he allows people and wants for people to live off of Big Brother. Why don't you challenge, educate, and guide young and adult Americans alike to reach for their dreams in the new economy.  We will not let you take this country on the path towards Socialism because this is a democratic republic not a socialist government masked by the thought of being free.  You have to abolish the part of NDAA that says the Secret Service, or as I would like to call it your secret second generation SS (sedes sacrorum), from illegally detaining anyone they please without reasonable cause, and holding them without due process of law.  I hope I am wrong in my visions and beliefs, but you are taking this country in a direction where privacy and rights do not exist. EVERY DAY MY COMPUTER GETS HACKED AND PEOPLE SPY ON MY INFORMATION, AND YOUR NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT, YET YOU TALK ABOUT AN INTERNET BILL OF RIGHTS.  It is a right given to the people by means of the Constitution of this great nation that any man or woman can petition and criticize the government by means of peaceful protest.  If one does not talk, then how is one's voice going to be heard to make change.  In this blog I wish to send this message to President Obama and Congress personally as simply giving them constructive criticism for I know listening to the voices of 300-400 million people can be overwhelming, but in the end, you’re not listening to 300-400 million people.  You listen to 30-50 special interests group or lobbyists that pay for your campaign.  In this blog I will discuss the American dream, community based economics, civil liberties in the physical and virtual world, and political changes that need to be made in order to send our country to new and exceeding limits for the future.



First I will start with the banking system.  In the U.S., we have 5 banks have a combined $9 trillion in assets according to  The United States GDP in 2012 was roughly between 15 and 16 trillion dollars.  The top five banks in the U.S. account for a large chunk of our GDP.  They use complex mathematics and computer programming to protect their ass from possible financial meltdowns, but leave the American and international investors and depositors out to dry during time of crisis.  During the next financial crisis if and when it happens, the U.S. economy will seize to exist as a result.  At the same time, if these banks are worth a combined 9 trillion dollars, and that is just the top 5 banks, than why does Congress and the President sign off and continue to give them tax payer money when they have plenty of money on their own.  I am glad to see leveraging rates have stabilized or at least that is what I am being told according to, but since all of the banks are intertwined, if at any point the 5 banks go under or have a financial crisis, than the other banks will fall because the money and power is concentrated at the top.  We need to revert back to a split between commercial and financial investment banking, so that depositors don't see their money disappear in time of crisis.  At the same time Obama, if you make a law against trying to make the banks the same, than they will all screw over American's because none of them will be able separate their banking practices to be able to offer the American public something different that sets them apart from the others.  Instead, they will all collectively screw over Americans because of excessive consolidation of federal powers because they will all work together even further than they already do to hurt the American people out of spite of stricter federal laws.  One is given two options, either break up the big banks into small community based branches all over the country such as JP Morgan Vineland, JP Morgan Philadelphia, JP Morgan Chicago, JP Morgan Camden etc., so that the investment banks and commercial bank employees and executives can create a community based investment firm where they build relationships with people, so both parties can have confidence in one another because right now the big banks take advantage of the masses because naturally there are so many of them that the banks don't care about them on an individual basis. The other option is to stop federal subsidies to banks, and play a watchful eye, but do not intervene unless there is foul play.  BANKS ALSO ARTIFICIALLY MANIPULATE DEBIT CARD TRANSACTIONS.  ELECTRONIC BANKING IN THEORY WORKS AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT, SO YOUR MONEY SHOULD BE TAKEN OUT AT 186,000 miles per second, SO IN THEORY IT SHOULDNT TAKE DAYS TO SEE CHANGES IN OUR ACCOUNT BALANCE, IT SHOULD BE ALMOST INSTANTANEOUSLY CONSIDERING LIGHT TRAVELS THE EARTH 7 TIMES A SECOND, SO GOING FROM THE ATM TO THE BANK DATABASE SHOULDNT TAKE LONGER THAN NANOSECONDS.  IM TIRED OF BANKS MANIPULATING THE SYSTEM THEN BLAMING IT ON THEIR DEPOSITORS.  In the end, banks are necessary to help regulate the flow of money to those who need it for whatever reason they have, but the consolidation of money and power at the top can be truly detrimental during time of crisis, so one is left with two options:  community based banking corporations rather than one giant bank, or get rid of government subsidies to entities whose sole purpose is to make money because if they get free money they won't be as careful with their own.

Each year the NDAA or national defense authorization act tightens the grip on the American public, and expands on federal power and those they give power to.  According to the NDAA of 2013, the government now has the right to arrest and detain any American citizen for as long as they want without cause or due process of law.  This directly contradicts the U.S. Constitution.  This is not just Obama, but Congress as well.  This Act is a way to consolidate their expressed powers and gives them the right to delegate those powers to members of the Secret Service.  In essence, it gives anyone in the government or appointed by the government to use their personal perception on whether someone is committing a crime.  By this statement I can infer that the government is using a totalitarian mindset to try and eliminate citizens from expressing their right to petition the United States Government.  I personally feel that the government is scared of the people, so they make laws that try to hide their fear of the people and their voice.  I am a pacifist, or a non-violent person, but I feel words are stronger than physical action because intelligence will take you further in life than physical might.  Through the NDAA, in my opinion, the government is simply trying to take away your ability to gather peacefully under one cause, and that is political and social justice.  If you feel your laws that you pass will bring anger and resentment from the people you represent, than why do you make them?  If you listen to the hard working people who deserve to have their voices heard, than you would not have to be scared of them!  Even though you promise not to detain American citizens Mr. Obama, why should we believe you when you promised in 2008 to take care of the Monsanto problem with regards to proper food labels?  Your full of empty promises, but you also have done some great things.  I know the presidential position is not easy, and I admire your courage to keep fighting on, but your actions make one draw comparisons to that of a police state, and I do not wish to see my country head in that direction any longer.

             In my opinion, Congress needs to be revamped to the same standards as the President.  Incumbency corrupts Congressman whose power is protected by the thought of being a career politician.  In order to avoid corruption, and to maintain a balanced approach to decision making in Washington, we as a nation need to change Washington.  I'm tired of seeing career politicians continue to get elected because their lobbyists flood their campaign accounts with millions so that they can continue to get on the ballot for a certain political party.  With respect to this idea, one is left with only one option:  just as the president can only serve 2 terms, any Congressman have it be a Representative or Senator can only hold office for two terms.  This will be the toughest task in the entire future of the United States considering people in power do not wish to make laws that can take away that power, but the longer they stay in office the more power they give themselves.  The longer, we the people, wait to make such changes, the more consolidated the power of Congress will get.  No human likes to have their power reduced, but it is for the good of the whole to implement such changes to Congress in order for the entire country to benefit.  Speaker Boehner, I really like your Congressional budget and your ideals on reducing spending in the Congress because you are right, it’s not about the amount of money you have to spend, it's how smart you can be with the money you are given.  With intelligent and thought out decision making, one can simply do more with less by trimming the fat.  If the rest of Congress doesn't like it so be it, I think $ 1 billion spread across 535 people is quite enough to make laws, the last time I checked information on the internet is basically free, and it doesn't cost anything to talk, so stop whining about losing a couple million. 

Dear President Obama,

                 You promised to help out the people by making an internet bill of rights, but you have done little to show of it.  Google continues to overstep its privacy boundaries all over the world.  I'm sure you know that Germany fined Google $200,000 for privacy infringement in their country.  The same has happened all over the world including the U.S.  The giant internet tycoons simply wish to have a conservative and laissez faire approach to virtual privacy, but just as Exxon-Mobil is with oil, Google is doing the same thing with the internet.  They continue to spy on their user’s personal information that is supposed to be protected.  You need to grow a pair, and fine companies that do not follow the law regardless of how much money they make.  If you makes laws and then don't enforce them, then why do you make laws to begin with?  It's like telling a child not to hit another, but when they do it, you turn the other way.  MY COMPUTER GETS HACKED AND SPIED ON DAILY BY COWARDS WHO ARE TRYING TO LEACH OFF MY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY THAT WILL NOT EVEN FIND.  I KNOW THE GOVERNMENT WAS BEHIND TAKING DOWN MY SPACECRAFT, BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I DIDN'T SPY ON ANYONE TO CREATE THAT DESIGN AND EXPLANATION FOR HOW IT WORKED. I SIMPLY DID COUNTLESS HOURS OF RESEARCH AND CLOSED MY EYES AND THOUGHT ABOUT IT AND A PICTURE POPPED UP IN MY HEAD AND I DREW IT AND EXPLAINED IT.  You protect the corporations and all their intellectual property, but you won't protect me from the cowards who scope out my computer and change my passwords to try and scare me from writing these blogs.  Someone from Google continues to change my settings on my blog because I have it set that my page views of my own writing don't count towards the total, but someone from Google goes into my blogger interface and changes the setting every day.  You protect the corporations from foreign hackers, but you do nothing against hackers against me, or any other American that's not a corporation.  I admire your goal to create laws and rights on the internet, but actions speak louder than words. If one wants to make change on the internet then hit them where it hurts, THEIR POCKETS, when people and especially companies that use their money to bully people and break the law.  The American government tries to put people in jail for 60-70 years for hacking, yet you do nothing when companies like Google invade privacy, and while these cowards continue to invade my computer and information for things they'll never find.  I used to think my designs and ideas would just be a gift I'd want to give to everyone because I grew up happy without money and extravagant material possessions, but people are ruthless and I am not willing to sit around and let people think they can walk all over me without any action.

                    In the end, there needs to be a lot of change still in this country.  The President has showed us his vision or plan for where he wants to take our country.  He has had more executive orders than any other president in our history, yet they've just increased his power and his delegated powers rather than help the people he said he was trying to help.  Banks still do whatever they want, and the tax payers give billions to an entity that's sole purpose is to make money and give out loans.  If my friends ask to borrow money from me and I don't have it, I simply don't give it to them knowing my parents will reimburse me when my friend doesn't pay me back.  Congress needs to be limited to 2 terms to stop corruption and lobbyist influence on political decisions and lawmaking.  Laws need to be made that have citizens and business in mind because as the government you’re an intermediary between the people and business, so one cannot in theory choose one side over the other, COMPROMISE IS BEST.  The government needs to hit corporate internet giants where it hurts when they infringe upon the rights and privacy of the users when it explicitly says that the company will not share your information with a third party or spy on you without your knowledge and consent. Capitalism is the great economic system to promote prosperity for those who work hard, but there is a fine line between too much and too little regulation, and simply put, politics and money ruin social, economic, and political progress in this great nation we live in!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Life, God, and String Theory

As I dive ever more deeper into my studies on the brain, the universe, my designs, reality, and religion, my belief in Allah, Yahweh, and God as the all-mighty creator is increasing each and every day on this grand Earth.  As I sit here and contemplate the creator, I think about the videos I've watched by the great minds of the 20th and 21st centuries: Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman, and my favorite living astrophysicist Dr. Leonard Susskind.  All three talk about the Creator and the concept of fine tuning of the mathematics of nature.  As the days pass and more knowledge is gained from mathematics and experimentation of hard working men and women from around the globe, the amount of real numbers following the decimal on the right side of a given solution is just remarkable at just how perfect He has made our universe in which we live in.  The conditions are just so perfect to allow nature to culminate in what it has become, it truly amazes me to no end to think that if the numbers were just slightly different, our universe would not be what see and perceive it to be today. For the better part of my free time, all I ever think about is nature, and how the creator made it as such.  He allowed such a perfect reality in such a way that it could support intelligent creatures like us to evolve to hopefully one day read the mind of God, yet in the Holy Books it says that He may not let us ever know everything.  The thing is when you tell a human being to not do something or that it’s impossible, it makes them want it that much more.  As a person, I strive every day to learn more and I think to myself, “The more I learn in life, the more I realize that I don't know anything at all.”  I still keep asking myself questions like "Why this, why not that?  How does this work, and why does it work like that?  Is it always going to be this way or is it dynamic in nature where it changes every second?  Will my thirst for knowledge ever be quenched, or will I start knowing too much in a sense that someone might try taking me because I know too much, or will the Creator, God, protect me from evil for I have submitted myself to His will and testament.  Here is my story about life, God, and String Theory.

First we shall start with General Relativity.  For certain purposes I decline to talk about, I will strictly just use words to describe this blog because I am working at trying to solve the black hole singularity as well as other things, and to protect my intellectual property even if it is wrong, I wish to keep it in my thoughts and my thoughts only until I know for sure I've figured it out. It's never smart to count your chickens before they hatch.   General Relativity, which was proven by Einstein in 1915, talks about gravity and objects on a large scale in terms of size, time, and distance, and how those objects interact.   It states that objects with mass curve and distort space in a way that is proportional to their mass as they accelerate at a constant rate, which as most physicists know a constant isn't really constant. (This I learned from Lenny Susskind when I learned about Dark Energy and the composition of the universe.)  The velocity of an object on galactic distances is calculated as a function of time because over time the distances grow astronomically from moment to moment.  Before I jump off task, let me continue with General Relativity and religion.  The space-time on large distances is quite smooth when you look at it on a larger, grander scale.  The same thing can be said about life for each and every one of us.  As time passes, we look back on our life regardless of what age we are, and one can notice that even if we have ups and downs throughout the past, life is still smooth on large scales although life wouldn't be life and space wouldn't be space without a few bangs and bumps between neighboring objects or people.                 
Quantum Mechanics discusses the motion of objects on a sub-atomic level.  Although, Quantum theory is something I'm still learning the mathematics behind, I certainly understand the concepts and underlying principles on it because I can play a movie in my brain on how everything works, and I can pause the movie in my mind anytime to better grasp what's going on.  Although protons and neutrons stay glued together, electrons move in probabilistic clouds of waves that are here, there, and everywhere until you shine light on it and the measurement gives it a fixed location in space and time.  We measure it by the change in distance over change in time from the previous measurement, and the more sophisticated the measuring tools the more precise and correct the solution should be.  Their motion is measured by vector quantities that can be measured, but quantum objects are quite difficult to predict fully where they are or where they will be, but obviously with computer technology you can see the probability is quite high in terms of classical computing.  If the probability wasn't what it is, our computers would have never been as successful as they are. Quantum mechanics is quite jittery and random on small scales.  As you will see though, I can connect that with life.  On a small time scale, life is made of random decisions and behaviors that we make every second of everyday that works like waves that peak, trough, and cancel out depending on the decisions and directions we go in.  Certain decisions can increase our chances, but can also worsen our chances depending on the path one is willing to take.

String theory has theorized that 1 dimensional oscillating strings or packets of energy are connected either by a brane that is attached to space-time known as a closed string, or one that is open and free to move around and connect to other strings.  This attachment to other strings still allows them to vibrate and subsequently produce mass depending on their angular momentum and mass, but smooth at the same time as they, the strings, attach themselves to other strings and have less freedom in a closed and bounded system.  The same thing can be said about life.  By themselves, our decisions and behaviors in life are quite random and unpredictable sometimes, but when you connect them they start to smoothen out and become part of a bigger picture.  If your experiences decisions in life work in coordination with one another instead of taking step forward and two steps back, life would not be so jittery and unpredictable simply because we all decide our own fate. 

I believe in Christian ethics, teachings, and guidelines for living ones' life. I see the all-mighty as a higher energy that acts as a shepherd by giving us free will, but showing us every possible direction we can go in. It’s like the probabilistic nature of quantum mechanics, but the smoothness of general relativity in the same manner. On a large scale life and god is so smooth, but it’s made up of a random behaviors and actions that make up the smoothness of the bigger picture I like to call life.  The more we as humans read the mind of God, the more God shows just how amazing and perfect He truly is.  Life is a human begins as a closed string, but one adds open strings that can connect to one another through biological, intellectual, and social evolution as an intelligent human being.  Life is all about connecting and staying connected, and to never lose faith.

Thank you for your time!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Congressman Lobiondo is a Coward

As a young child, I envisioned that my government was there to protect me and listen to my voice to make laws in regards to what we, the people, want.  I envisioned a government that listened to the voices of all its constituents regardless of their social status in society.  The na├»ve mindset of a child hits the cruel reality of the life of human beings, and only the strong survive.  Society inevitably decides who survives, but those who make a difference for better or worse are those that stand alone in their mind, body, and spirit.  At the same time, longevity corrupts people who stand alone.  They become complacent and forget the cries of the people they say they represent from social detachment from reality.  Congressman LoBiondo is one of those people.  Though my perception is clouded by my personal experiences with the man, I shall tell you my story nonetheless:

About a month ago I got my appendix removed.  As a result, I could not work for about a week, so I had a lot of time for myself.  At the same time, my father had off that week because his father was in the hospital, and he had to run up and down from Long Island to see him.  I believe it was a Friday, and we decided to go to BJ's Whole Sale with him to purchase some food supplies for myself because I like to cook(I worked at a high-end Italian restaurant in high school and watched the chef's cook then experimented on my own)  Upon finishing our rounds in the store, my dad pointed out our Congressman in front of us as we walked to the checkout line.  My father told me not bother him, but me being a friendly person, I wanted to say Hi and interact with the man that represents me in our Federal Government.  When I said, Hi Congressman, How are you?, his response will blow your mind.

He responded by saying, "It's Friday!" 

This led me to think that since he was not at the office he did not have to interact with people.  I'm sorry, but when you took your oath of office, you promised to listen to your people and protect the Constitution and the rights of the people.  By you basically telling me to buzz off was like a slap in the face.  After he checked out, the coward sprinted out of the store, and by the time I got done checking out and walked outside the man was no where to be found.  This simply goes to show you that he is a self-centered coward that holds a public image that contradicts what his true beliefs are.  I may be blinded by my personal perception, but how could I think anything else from my experience?

"Today, I got word that a Saudi National is being deported for ties to terrorism, and plotting in the Boston bombing.  "This original suspect, named Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, was reportedly set to be deported on Tuesday, according to Sean Hannity’s Fox News program. Alharbi was supposedly in violation of section 212 3B of the Immigration and Nationality Act, citing “security and related grounds” and “terrorist activities.”Rep. Jeff Duncan, R-South Carolina, expressed concerns that the man, who was here on a student visa, was being deported “due to national security concerns.” The full exchange appears on YouTube."(Fruchtnich)1 

The Saudi National who was here on a visa, was taken into custody on Tuesday April 16th by the FBI for suspected involvement in the Boston bombings, and a report was made by the DHS(Homeland Security) about the guy as having links to possible terrorist threats.  Somehow, the guy went from being a suspect to a victim in a day because by Tuesday, he was no longer in question about the bombing. 

"An FBI source has told TheBlaze that the Saudi Student was “taken into custody”. This means, when we he was reported as a person of interest, he was actually a suspect the entire time.

An “event”, or file, was created on the student three days ago. The file contains his deportation record and the reason he is being deported. According to ICE the reason is section 212 3B –”Security and related grounds” – “Terrorist activities”. The student’s visa has been revoked."(The Blaze)2

Because of this issue, I decided to call my Congressman about the issue.  I called at 12:56 PM on Monday April 22, 2013.  I gave the secretary my name and my number.  She told me that Congressman LoBiondo would get back to me as soon as possible with  nasty sound in her voice.  I simply just asked if Congressman LoBiondo could provide me with more information on the individual in question, but I guess they can't help out a citizen who simply wants the truth.  You cannot hide from the problems forever, you are going to have to speak up and come out of your hole at some point to answer the questions.  I simply just want to have a conversation about the lies you are feeding us.  President Obama met with the Saudi Prime Minister in a closed meeting that was not a public event.  WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY FOR YOURSELF FELLA'S?  STOP LYING TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE JUST BECAUSE SAUDI ARABIA JUST BOUGHT BILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF TANKS OFF YOU!




Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Rights of The Boston Terrorist

The United States of America was founded on the principles of personal civil liberties and the separation between government and business(kind of, social Darwinism gave us capitalism, but government does give out subsidies).  In today's world, the reality is that we, the people, are losing our ability to have both of these qualities that makes this country so great.  My parents and I had a great conversation over dinner, Saturday April 20th, about the issues of whether or not this young man should have the same due process rights as other Americans or individuals who live in the U.S. Emotion can drive human beings to make irrational decisions in times of great sorrow and tragedy, but logic should be the only basis of reasoning on topics of human rights and liberties.  I don't care what the Patriot Act and subsequent laws have said, do not stoop that low America. Here is my story:

Before I begin, I just wish to admit that although logic is very important in making decisions in life, I wish to make it clear that although I try to use logic in my decision making in life, it does not mean that I feel my logic is supreme.  Legal systems work off a system of checks and balances so that one man's or woman's logic does not reign over another. 

My parents and I went on to dinner Saturday night to a local Italian joint, and as soon as I sat down, my eyes and attention was focused on the television above my head.  For the last week, all the news has been talking about is the bombing in Boston.  It has been quite overwhelming because there is so much more going on than just this tragedy.  Although this massacre should not overlooked, the healing process cannot begin for the families of the victims unless you stop reminding them of the awful tragedy of which they were succumbed to.  This mental thought became verbal language when the reporter spoke about whether the 19 year old man should have any rights.  I responded by telling my parents that the young man should have rights because our country was founded on the principles of due process of law regardless of one's actions.  My parents reverted to a feeling of emotion by responding that because of what he has done to the victims of Boston, he should not be given any rights.  Both have credibility in the mind of the observer's mental reality, but the law portrays no emotion, but simply logical simplicity of which to use.

If one is to think that this gentleman does not deserve a trial and certain rights, than why do we have laws at all in this country?  Those labeled foreign terrorists are treated in a different way than domestic criminals.  I told my parents to think about a murderer or rapist in the U.S.  Once the individual is caught, he/she is given certain rights of due process in this country before they are convicted and sentenced.  The mentally ill man of Aurora, Colorado committed a travesty when he opened fire on that movie theatre, and was subsequently arrested.  Because he is a U.S. citizen, he is being given the rights of due process before he is convicted and sentenced. This leads me to believe that the young man in Boston, regardless of how devastating his actions were, he deserves the same right to due process as any other criminal in the United States, so he must be proven guilty in the court of law.  We shall never stoop to the level of changing our laws or surpassing them just because of the sick minded cruelty of others.

Human emotion is put to the test during times of great tragedy, but one should not make decisions based off this principle of emotion.  As intelligent beings, we developed into people capable of logical decision making.  Regardless of the actions of others, one should never revert to emotion, but rather use law and logic to decide the fate of suspected criminals.  In the end, we must allow every criminal in the U.S. to be subject to due process of law regardless of one's emotional feelings to the subject matter.  

My Chronicles On Albert Einstein Part 1 : His View on Politics and Industry

All throughout his life, Einstein was a natural born pacifist.  Even at a young age, Einstein grew a profound dislike for authority figures.  As turmoil among European nations broke out leading up to The Great War, Einstein was an avid spokesperson against violence.  Although Einstein’s mind was meant for scientific research, he was an avid reader and outspoken man in the world of politics.  Einstein’s thoughts and experiences truly transformed his belief in a society where the government was a slave for the people, not merely society as a slave to the cruel self-interest of the few aristocrats who had political authority.  In this section, I shall discuss Einstein’s views on politics and industrialism amongst European society and American society. Leading up to and following The Great War, as Einstein called it, was seen as a pessimistic society.  “Compared to the American, the European is more critical, more self-conscious, less heartened and helpful, more isolated, more fastidious in his amusements and his readings, generally more or less of a pessimist.”(Einstein, 39)  Because of the Great Depression, much of European society viewed life in a negative manner.  As a result, the governments of this society used this ideology to their advantage.  As a result of war and depression, much of European society seemed as though it would latch onto any government or political group that could rally minds to bring them together. Because European government and society believed in the concept of Socialism, it was very easy to persuade the masses to partake in anything they say.  This type of government looks towards their own interests before that of the community since a Socialist government controls the media, they could easily control the media according to Einstein.  Being the free and independent thinker that he was, he could easily see past the lies and false sense of nationalism that the Fascist governments were feeding the people of Europe.  “War in the interest of the state is rationalized by the state to the people as a sense of nationalism or patriotism.” (Einstein, 59)  Being the pacifist that the he saw, Einstein saw this psychological development deployed by the government on its people to be cruel, for the governments of Europe especially that of Germany and Italy, used a false sense of nationalism to rally the people of depressed Europe to go along with their selfish self-interest for control and war.  He believed that the government should slaves to its citizens considering they were the people that voted them into office.  “The State should be our servant not we its slaves.  The State transgresses this commandment when it compels us by force to engage in military and war service, the more so since the object and the effect of this slavish service to kill people belonging to other countries or interfere with their freedom of development.  We are only to make such sacrifices to the state as will promote the free development of individual human beings.”(Einstein, 57)   The government should adhere to the thoughts and needs of the people they represent, but the socialist government of war torn and economically depressed nations of Europe knew that had the advantage over the impoverished citizens in which the leaders represented.  “Democratic parliament regime which is based on independence has in many places been shaken up where dictators have sprung up and been tolerated.  Sheep-like masses can be worked up by the newspapers and political rhetoric.”(Einstein, 10)  As a result of their authoritarian rule, many of the intellectuals and oppressed members of society, like Einstein, tried speaking out against such rhetoric, but the masses who were now brainwashed by the government saw these individuals as traitors against their own country.  Einstein knew it was not their fault for the human brain is much like a dog, you one can train it believe whatever one wants, even if the thoughts of the Fascist government were evil, cynical, and in the end went against society’s best interests.   Einstein’s held on so dearly to his political beliefs that he eventually lost his job at the University in which he worked at taught Physics because of the fear and oppression his countries leaders inflicted upon the people of Germany.  He even went as far as revoking his own citizenship to Germany as a result of the Fascist movement that was taking over the country.  It is sad for to think that war and economic depression can be used by authoritarian governments to rally the people of Europe to believe in such cruel ideology as those of Germany and Italy did.  In the end, Einstein stood by to his beliefs while the citizens of Europe became like wild beasts against those the government wished to blame for problems that they did not cause. 

Einstein’s view on America was truly profound and quite optimistic in nature.  He enjoyed the simply freedoms, and overall optimistic view of the American public.  Democracy, in a sense, was the best and only true working political system in the entire world.  Einstein also had great admiration for the economic principle of capitalism in America over the socialist approach in Europe.  “Capitalism is better than Socialism because government can stifle cultural, intellectual, and economic progress.”(Einstein, 40)  America was the true definition of just how great a society can be if it is free of government intervention because competition can truly lead to systematic progression of society as whole.  A free and open society is what Einstein visualized as the most productive means of progression for man, and American economic and political structure allowed for such progress to occur.  He also had great admiration for just how powerful the United States was in terms of technological advances and its overall international influence in the world.  “The U.S. is the most powerful and technologically advances country on Earth, and its international influence is incalculable.”(Einstein, 41)  He often pondered about how American’s viewed Europe, and how they enjoyed the safety and security in which is prevalent in American society as whole.  In both World Wars, America played a small role in combat, and had a hands off approach to intervention until of course it was deemed necessary to intervene as a result of the attacks on American merchant and military ships by the Germans in World War I, and of course the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese in World War II.  “People in America no doubt think as follows:  Let Europe go to the dogs, if it destroyed by the quarrelsomeness and wickedness of its inhabitant.  The good seed of our Wilson has produced a mighty poor crop in the stony ground of Europe.  We are strong and safe and in no hurry to mix ourselves up in other people’s affairs.”(Einstein, 65)  This perception of America by Einstein was inherently true, but he felt that this view was short-sighted.  In the eyes of Einstein, America was partly to blame for the catastrophe that was emanating in Europe during World War I.  “By ruthlessly pressing her claims she is hastening the economic and therewith the moral collapse of Europe; she has helped to Balkanize Europe, therefore shares the responsibility for the breakdown of political morality and the growth of that spirit of revenge which feeds on despair.  This spirit will not stop short of the gates of America—I had almost said, has not stopped short.  Look around, and look forward.”(Einstein, 65)  In the end, Einstein really cherished the charismatic nature of the United States as whole because of its political and economic structure, but believed that the U.S. had such a significant international influence that it could influence world events for the better or for the worse. 

            Following World War One, the League of Nations was created. Einstein believed in the concept of a one world government.  Since he looked down upon the belief on nationalism or patriotism, he really admired the creation of the League of Nations.  “Increasing nation’s relations will promote international security.”(Einstein, 49)  By bringing together the beliefs, opinions, and security issues of all nations together will only help the world as a whole, for all nations should have the interest of the whole in mind when going about making changes to laws for the good of the entire system.  If all countries share a common interest, he believed that all-out war could be suppressed by the simple fact that each nation’s security was intertwined with those of its neighbors.  Einstein appealed to the creation of the Commission De Operation Intellectuelle, but in a letter to the German Secretary of the League of Nations Herr Dufour-Feronce, he wrote, “Experience has, unhappily, taught me that the Commission, taken as a whole, stands no serious determination to make real progress with the task of improving international relations.  It looks to me far more like an embodiment of the principle ut aliquid fieri videatur.  The Commission seems to me even worse in this respect than the League as a whole.”(Einstein, 54)  Einstein believed that the League should look past the superiority of the state, to build an arbitrary body that looks to build foundation in society that strives to relieve oppression amongst societies minorities, but because the ability to combat chauvinistic and militaristic tendencies of national government by the Commission was deemed lukewarm at best, he believed that Commission had failed to prove change in which it was created to do.  “The Commission has invariably failed to give moral support to those individuals and associations who have thrown themselves without reserve into the business of working for an international order against the military system.”(Einstein, 55)   He believed that the League and the Commission should only appoint members who possess sound moral conviction to the problems of oppression that the world has faced especially in Europe.  Einstein did not understand why the Commission would appoint individuals who views on the world blatantly contradicted the overall concepts for which it was created to do.  “The Commission has never made any attempt to resist the appointment of members whom it knew to stand for tendencies the very reverse of those it is bound in duty for.  The Commission had failed to give moral support to those individuals and associations who have thrown themselves without reserve into the business of working for international order and against the military system.”(Einstein, 55)  

            As a result of Einstein overall pacifism, he believed that the world should be led it the direction of disarmament.  Following the Great War in Europe, he was known to be publicly adamant on his political views of militarism, and believed that the League of Nations and the Commission should strive for a world that is free of war and a military complex.  Society progresses by slow and deliberate change, but on the subject of disarmament, it should be done by swift means to help save the world and the human race from destroying itself.  Einstein believed war was only fought because of the cruel and cynical self-interest of governments and those who hold the means of production and significant wealth in society.  By disarming the world of its means to kill, it would ultimately lead to an increase of security for all nations of the world. As long as the thought of war remains in this world, nations will always be prepared for military intervention.  As a result, nations will in turn educate the youth of society on warlike traditions and a self of pride to fight for one’s country to feel as though war is justified as inevitable to maintain such a social, economic, and political stability amongst nations on Earth.   “Disarmament and security are only to be had in combination.  The one guarantee of security is an undertaking by all nations to give effect to the decisions of the international authority.”(Einstein, 56) According to Dr. Einstein, the 1932 Disarmament Conference would determine the fate of the world, and the coming generation.  He believed that states should not intervene militarily in the overall peaceful development of nations, but only intervene when the overall development of human beings is being oppressed by their government.  The problem of disarmament in the eyes of Einstein was simply this: man will not forgo his arms because of the vulnerability it causes him and the lack of security it invokes.  Without a means of international security as a whole, the state(s) will inevitably refuse to disarm their nation.  “It is true we have a League of Nations and a Court of Arbitration.  But the League is not much more than a meeting-hall, and the Court has no means of enforcing its decisions.  These institutions provide no security for any country in case of an attack on it.”(Einstein, 58)  Being able to come together as a group of nations against an aggressor is the only way in which true progress as a whole can be made.  War can only be eliminated if the complex of nationalism shall be forgone by the ability to come together as one world, but until then man will live in a world of terror.  “Unless we can agree to limit the sovereignty of the individual State by all binding ourselves to take joint action against any country which openly or secretly resists the judgment of the Court of Arbitration, we shall never get out of a state of universal anarchy and terror.”(Einstein, 58)  Einstein felt there were two concepts so engraved in our modern society that hinders the disarmament movement:  spiritualism and materialism.  Governments of the world have embedded the concept of nationalism and patriotism into the minds of its citizens leading to enormous state power.  The gathering of the masses by a false sense of nationalism has allowed the self-interest of the few, to control the popular opinion of the entire populous.  “They say further, and truly, that the greatest obstacle to international order is that monstrously exaggerated spirit of nationalism which also goes by the fair-sounding but misused name of patriotism.  During the last century and a half this idol has acquired an uncanny and exceedingly pernicious power everywhere.”(Einstein, 59)  Nationalism has been deeply intertwined with the role of military service.  The state, and in turn, society has deemed military service to be the highest honorable duty one can do for one’s country.  A country which wishes to increase its military service is almost notably going to create a spirit of nationalism or nationalistic pride within its people.  The concept of nationalism that correlates with military service provides the psychological foundation of military efficiency.  Einstein felt that as long as the state provides the means to stimulate the masses with a false sense of patriotism through the media, disarmament would essentially never happen regardless of the international plea circulating within the Conference of 1932.  Military might of the state along with spiritual development is in the best interest of the state simply because they must gain the admiration of the youth at the schools.  Einstein, at a young age was presented with this same regiment in his early years in German schooling, often recalling having to march and recite nationalistic songs and literature which he deemed very militaristic in nature.  “The introduction to compulsory service is therefore, to my mind, the prime cause of the moral collapse of the white race, which seriously threatens not merely the survival of our civilization but our very existence.”(Einstein, 60)  Einstein felt that those who wish to condemn military service must take a stand and hold their ground against militarism and primitive might held by the state.  It was a sad reality to Einstein that simply because one refused compulsory service for one’s country, one was considered a disgrace to one’s state and community for their conscientious belief in pacifism and objection to war.  Dr. Einstein felt that the Disarmament Conference should find a way to end such psychological issues through education, for individuals who wish not to serve their nation in the army.  “This is my position in a nutshell: Mere agreements to limit armaments furnish no sort of security.  Compulsory arbitration must be supported by executive force, guaranteed by all the participating countries, which is ready to proceed against the disturber of the peace with economic and military sanctions.  Compulsory service, as the bulwark of unhealthy nationalism, must be combated; most important of all, conscientious objectors must be protected on an international basis.”(Einstein, 60)  Einstein felt that the leaders of the international community desired to abolish war, but the resistance for such actions is deeply embedded in the traditions of nations from generation to generation much like a genetic disease that’s inherited.  He felt that the educational system and the Press were to blame for this resistance to peaceful mannerisms toward war and disarmament simply because of the glorification of military training.  It is time for the intellectual and responsible bodies of the world to come together to remind the world of the shear importance of the Disarmament Conference.  It is no longer important or one’s duty to criticize barbaric actions and militarism, but to turn thought and words into action for the benefit of mankind.  “The fate of the world will be such as the world deserves.  Anybody who really wants to abolish war must resolutely declare himself in favour of his own country’s resigning a portion of its sovereignty in favour of international institutions: he must be ready to make his own country amenable, in case of a dispute, to the award of the international court.  He must in the most uncompromising fashion support disarmament all round which is actually envisioned in the unfortunate Treaty of Versailles; unless military and aggressively patriotic education is abolished, we can hope for no progress.”(Einstein, 63-64) In the end, the Disarmament Conference of 1932 was the last chance at preserving peace amongst nations of the world, and the weight of the world lay on the shoulders of European leaders, and most significantly America for she was the strongest and comparatively sound amongst nations at the Conference, and all eyes and attention were focused on her.

            Einstein believed that industry and the world economic collapsed of 1929 played a significant role in the political and military future of the world.  “The individual can accomplish little here, nor can one wish to see the best among us devoted to destruction through the machinery behind which stand the three great powers of stupidity, fear, and greed.”(Einstein, 68)  Einstein believed the industrialists of the world wish to pursue their own greed and self-interest before the good of the whole.  Industrialists thrived off the concept of militarism and nationalistic pride to continue with its war machine.  Einstein saw this to be prevalent in Germany during the first half of the 20th century, for the industrial complex was tied deeply with media and politics to bring the people to feel the need to defend with honor and pride their beloved nation.  Einstein knew the motives behind such a deeply embedded sore in the flesh of society and even went on to say, “Industrialists don’t want peace, due to money.”(Einstein, 43) Einstein was deeply upset by such a world where mankind’s primitive and barbaric nature lies in the hands of those which control its fate.  Those who control the means of production control the issues of the nation and subsequently the world, where is if it is a game the plutocratic society plays with the sheep-like masses as it pawns that they label replaceable.  The war-like machine becomes that of perpetual motion in which is controlled by the industrialists of the world who seek their self-interest over the community interest.  The armament industry is the biggest threat and greatest danger to mankind.  Money and greed shall inevitably blind the moral path and compose of those who seek it in large amounts for it is never enough once one attains such monetary value.  In a letter to an unknown person Einstein writes, “As regards to the munitions industry and the export of war material, the League of Nations has busied itself for years with efforts to get this horrible traffic controlled—with little success, we all know.  Last year I asked a well- known American Diplomat why Japan was not forced by a commercial boycott to desist from her policy of force.  He replied, “Our commercial interests are too strong.”  How can one help people who rest satisfied with a statement like that?”(Einstein, 66)  During such a time of economic crisis as that of the late 1920’s into the early 1930’s, te purchasing power of the world lay in the hands of the few in which controlled industry.  As a result of the collapse, it subsequently led to the collapse of the moral and physical embodiment of society.  Together with the increase of machinery and the decrease of purchasing power of the lower and middle class, society was now brought to an all-time low.  Because of over-production and inflation, the money of Germany and subordinate nations was deemed almost worthless.  In addition, the payment of reparations by debtor nations who’s monetary value was all, but non-existent, led to the overall collapse of German and European society.  Einstein knew that if the purchasing power of the lower-to-middle class got below a certain point society would crumble, and would lead to a state that would look for the state to bring back the glory to the Fatherland. 

            In 1932, Einstein warned the world of what was to become of Germany.  The Nationalist Socialist Party(Nazi) gained political power in the Prussian nation.  Hitler used the degrading society of Germany to reach out to the working class to believe in his will.  Being the free thinker Einstein knew of the evil which was to follow such a tyrannical state, but at the same time the government was gaining attention and provoking the citizens of thoughts for hatred of Jews.  Einstein refused to live in a state where the individual does not enjoy equality before the law and the freedom to say and teach what he likes.  Germany felt that Einstein was committing “atrocity mongering” by ending his Prussian citizenship, and ending his stay at the Prussian Academy of the Sciences.  Unfortunately, he had no choice in the matter.  Although he was man of German decent, he was still a German-Jew, a man who was looked down upon by those who considered themselves inferior to the vermin or rats of society.  Einstein took pity in the sheep-like masses that were being dug from the depths of hell only to realize in time that, that they never really left the hell from which they came from.  Einstein was quoted as saying, “I would rather not belong to any society which behaves in such a manner, even if it does so under external pressure,”(Einstein,88) in a letter in reply to the Bavarian Academy of Science.  Einstein also received a letter from the Prussian Academy Secretary, Von Fricker, which he said that Albert made the correct choice in resigning from his position at the Academy due to his talks against the government have led to people thinking and acting in a way that goes against the government policy and ideology.  The culmination of oppression, militarism, and the government having complete control of the media, it led to the sheep-like masses idolizing the Hitler whose words and actions gave them a false sense of nationalism.  Albert Einstein free-thinking and constant questioning of the established belief system, was a complete contradiction from the status-quo of German society during the 1930’s, as a result he fled Germany to live in America.  Although Einstein was first banished from his own family, and now was a man who was stateless, Einstein never gave up hope for mankind, and its true potential.  As you will see, even though Einstein was loner and was shunned out, ridiculed, and oppressed by society his whole life, he never lost hope within himself, and because of his Jewish background, his personality reflected as such:  One who never loses faith in oneself, never loses faith in mankind. 
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Einstein, Albert. Extracts From Dr. Einstein's Published Views: Einstein’s Archives Online. April 10 2013. “Einstein on Peace.” 13 November 1918. Princeton University Press 2002.

A Talk in The Tower About Terrorism

On Friday March 19th, 2013, my day began quite well considering it was the last day of the work week, and on Friday's I give my students a laid back, but educational day in the classroom.  For my 8th graders, we watched a movie pertaining to government and business.  The video showed the process from exploitation/extraction to the purchasing of goods and services.  In my 7th grade classes, I broke each class up into 2 groups, and we proceeded to play jeopardy as a review for their test on Monday.  One of my goals as a teacher is to educate my students in a way that makes them think critically as well as outside of the box, and I believe games and educational programs allow students to have a free and open mind to think. 
          Unfortunately, my great day was interrupted with the fact that my paycheck was incorrect.  As human beings, we all make mistakes from time to time, but  it gets frustrating when one contacts an individual in a prior engagement to eliminate any chance for a problem, but I guess it did not work.  As a result of my frustration, I headed up to the teacher's break room on the top floor known as the "tower" so that I could meditate for a while to bring myself back down, so that I could think more clearly and logically before I went any further in my life.  Here is my story:
Upon entering the room, I noticed a woman sitting at one of the computers, but she was not on the computer, but writing something on a piece of paper.  I sat down on the couch near the window because the cool breeze from the open windows is a soothing and cleansing feeling for my body and mind.  I began to close my eyes, and slowly cleared my mind of all the emotion of my paycheck, and focused my mind on getting to an even keel.  Slowly I felt all the emotion and anguish leave my spirit, and a feeling of awe overwhelmed my body as my mind began to vibrate like a ZZZZZZZ type noise in my brain.  As this calming feeling came over my body, a picture of Jesus popped up in the back of my mind, and my body started to tingle, as it always does when he appears in my brain.  As of recently he has appeared more and more in my mental picture within my brain.  Following this moment, I came back out of my meditation with no worries and a smile that was from ear to ear.  I looked over at the woman at the desk adjacent from the couch from which was sitting on.  I spoke to her although her back from turned away from me, "How are you doing today ma'am?" 

She replied, "I'm doing great, I just finished writing a poem."  She also went on to say that she was tired, and wished to nap when she made it home after work, but her children always come first in her life so she wasn't going to be able to nap after work. 

I went on to tell her that I was senior in college, and that I was a History major and a Business Minor, and that I was in a long term position for a teacher who was out on leave.  I told her I was teaching 7th and 8th grade history and civics.  I forget how it got brought up, but she asked me if I believed in God, and replied that I did, and that this man by the name of Dr. Yusuff changed my view on religion and life forever in just a month. I went on to tell her that he has opened my mind up to that fact that we are all children of the Lord or Creator, and regardless of your religious background and beliefs, one shall not pass judgment or sway some one's beliefs regardless of your own.  All that matters is that "you believe/think, therefore you are."(Descartes) 

She told me she had Dr. Yusuff at FDU as well, and that she loved him.  I told her that I was taking a Religion and Terrorism class, and that Dr. Yusuff had taught me a lot.  We went on for about a half hour about the things that i learned in the class, while she spoke about her own Islamic Faith and belief in God. 

I started off by speaking about two big misconceptions people have about Islam and religion in general.  A Muslim is simply a person who submits to the rule of God have it be a Jew, Christian, or Islamic, it does not pertain to any one religion, and we both agreed that society is quite ignorant to this fact.  I went on to say that jihad is by far the most misconstrued term in the United States and even those who use it as a means to inflict terror.  Jihad means a personal struggle, or one's path towards cleansing oneself, and it comes from the root word "Jahada."  Finally, when one cleanses oneself, one can reach out to cleanse society of oppression and injustice is what the prophet Muhammad preached from the word of God. A jihadist in the interpretation of Muhammad the Prophet from Allah was to: protect life, protect self, and fight against injustice. I went on to say that many people in society try to cleanse the unjust in society before they identify and work through the internal problems of themselves.  I ended my portion of the beginning of our conversation by saying that Islamic militants simply were ignorant to the true belief systems of their faith, but I also clarified that they are not alone in that false and ignorant sense of understanding of the word of the Creator because we in the U.S. use violence and oppression to force our way of life on people.

She smiled at the words that flowed out of my mouth like a gentle brook in a beautiful, spring day.  She soon replied, "What is a terrorist though?"  We both agreed that one who believes in a God or a Creator knows that one must live their life in peace and understanding of everyone regardless of how different they are from you.

I paused for a few moments to gather my thoughts, and replied, "a terrorist is simply a person or group that wishes to terrorize another person or group by use of violence, fear, and intimidation to achieve a means to an end."

She said, "so terrorists are only Islamic? There are a lot of terrorist groups in this world."

In my mind and out loud I said, "I love your use of the Socratic Method, you are making me think, and thinking is my favorite part of life."  I agreed with her that there are all types of terrorists groups of all races, nationalities, and religions, but simply because of the sweet oil found in the Middle East, we alienate those of the Islamic background.  We never seem to publicize the Klu Klux Clan as much as we do the so called "Islamic Terrorists." 

She nodded her head in agreement.  She also went on to say that people get so upset over religion or lack there of.  She expressed to me that Allah or God never wished to indoctrinate anyone on what religion they followed, but simply that they followed His word to live a life of religious tolerance and social justice toward all living creatures, but that mankind shall be head of the kingdom on Earth.

In my opinion, it does not take religion to live a life of virtue and tolerance towards others belief, but there are people in this world that simply just love to watch the world burn and people struggle.  I feel bad for those people for God never passed judgment on them, it was the human race or mankind that passed judgment on them which led to their oppression and hiding from the Church.  I will not call out who you are or what your called, but just think about that for a second, and if you can look in the mirror and say that it was not people that caused your sorrow, pain, and resentment, but God, then by all means show me, for I will acknowledge my ignorance to the matter.  If you want people to change their primitive ways, then use a moral and ethical path of teaching to the masses on understanding and appreciating diversity, instead of trying to tear mankind apart because the Church persecuted you.  "By saving one man or woman, God said it was like saving all of humanity, but when you take one innocent life, it is like killing all of humanity."(Quran Chapter 5 Verse 32)  Quran Chapter 6 Verse 151 speaks about the Sanctity of Life, "life is sacred. Don't take life, only by way of law or justice.  He command you, that ye may learn wisdom."  At the same time, God directed man to do as they please, for we all have free will to choice between good and evil. 

After, we briefly discussed intolerance of man on the beliefs of others, I began to discuss the history of Islamic militants, and how this idea of jihad originated centuries ago.  I told her it was a complicated story, but I would try my best to explain it to the best of my abilities.  Before we can look at the past, we must identify what these people are fighting for now: Western domination of Middle Eastern Land, and the Israeli occupation of Palestine.  Now I will first discuss one of the teachings of Prophet Muhammad.  Muhammad preached about the Ethics of War, and they stated:

1. If you kill someone, you cannot mutilate the body
2. Can't destroy any animals, elder, trees, and if enemy wants to make peace, then you must make peace.
3. Do not kill any person in the place of worship

4. Do not kill innocent woman and children

5. Do not kill/chase anyone that is not trying to harm you because a non-combatant has the freedom to live and not be harmed.

The original Quran references jihad three times, and they are: When attacked, Muslims may attack back, but one can never start the altercation nor can one continue to fight if the aggressor wishes to make peace or stops chasing one.  Muhammad speaks about the Pagans who came into Islamic places of worship to harm those who were in deep prayer, and had their back turned.  The Pagan's attacked on certain months when the Muslims were not allowed to fight, but Allah gave them permission to fight back in self-defense against non-believers.  Muhammad told the people to protect themselves against non-believers, but only chase them until they stop chasing you, but once the Pagans stop chasing you, you must stop.  Muhammad told his people that one can protect oneself from oppression and injustice.  Islamic militants of today forget that Muhammad was referring to the violence inflicted by the Pagan's, or non-believers.  One can speculate that it is the secret occult of non-believers who have caused the violence in Middle East, but, the killing of innocent non-combatants is a direct contradiction to the word of the Prophet Muhammad and the Holy Quran.  The Islamic militants simply see American occupation of their land as similar to the Pagan's attacking them in their place of worship, so in theory, if the U.S. government and military leave the Middle East, the violence and terror will stop on both sides and we can live in peace.  

Once again she smiled, for I made a deep impression on her because who would think a young, white man would know anything about the Quran and the Islamic Faith.  She insisted that I read her poem, and told me to tell her what I thought it meant, but her inspiration for it was her belief in God.  She first read it to me, than I proceeded to read it to myself a second time.  I instantly understood the message.  She spoke about Allah and light, and I answered her by saying, "God gave us light, and without light, we would be nothing."

A smile emerged from her face in a manner that I have never seen before.  She told me that that was the exact message she was getting across in her poem.  I told her I came up with an equation that says the same thing about light, for if light did not exist, the 3 dimensional world would just be 2 dimensional objects that vibrate and spin according to its mass.  It was that second that I knew that we were meant to meet, for I forgot about everything that had bothered me because it no longer mattered.  I ended that part of the conversation by telling her that I study General Theory of Relativity and Quantum Theory on my own, and that light is the most important part of both of these concepts because light transfers information and energy between objects of mass. She told me that she was always fascinated by nature and always found herself looking up into the heavens above, but never had a teacher to guide her thoughts into real education.  I ended the conversation by telling her that my Astrophysics and particle physics knowledge is all self-taught and that i only started taking interest in it 2 years ago, and only started teaching myself the math maybe a year ago.  The meaning and purpose of our individual existence isn't always clear in life, but there is always a moment in one's life when it becomes apparent what one is meant to do, but its unfortunate that for me it took my mother suffering of cancer, to find my true calling in life.

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.  Up until my time in the tower that day, I became frustrated with the negligence of man, but I know one must never dwell on the past mistakes of another for one should never pass judgment if one is guilty of the same issues that one is judging another about.  It has happened all to often lately that when I get anxious, there is always someone that shows themselves around me that i talk to that makes me see life in a different light, and makes my problems seem so minuscule.  Last week when I was getting an ultrasound at the hospital for my swollen calf, I was getting frustrated by the length of time I had to wait, until I initiated a conversation with a man that was once paralyzed from the neck down, but learn to walk again in two months because of determination and will power.  Life is full of challenges and obstacles, but one must always remember that without obstacles and challenges, the good things in life would not feel that much more special.  Life is sacred, and we must peacefully, preserve it from those who wish to inflict harm on life. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Correlation Between Nationalism and The Military-Industrial Complex

Following World War II, the United States became an ever more prevalent leader in international affairs, and showed the world its true military might as a result of the production and use of the atomic bomb.  Even prior to the 2nd World War, the United States military industry was a significant part of the economy of the nation.  The U.S. was and still is a major world supplier of armaments to nations in need.  "Weapons sales by the United States tripled in 2011 to a record high, driven by major arms sales to Persian Gulf allies concerned about Iran’s regional ambitions, according to a new study for Congress."(Shanker, New York Times)  "President Obama's FY 2013 National Defense budget (050 budget function) is $647.4 billion in current dollars."(Dodge, The Heritage Foundation)  This just goes to show how much emphasis the government gives on military and defense.  The Department of Homeland Security wishes to purchase enough rounds of ammunition, 1.6 billion to be exact, for the 2014 budget that would last the bureaucracy 20 years if you compare it to the yearly rounds fired by American troops in the Middle East.  The DHS even wishes to purchase hallow tip bullets which are outlawed by international law. "[T]he Department of Homeland Security is apparently taking delivery (apparently through the  Marine Corps Systems Command, Quantico VA, via the manufacturer – Navistar Defense LLC) of an undetermined number of the recently retrofitted 2,717 ‘Mine Resistant Protected’ MaxxPro MRAP vehicles for service on the streets of the United States.”(Jorgustin, Ken) The armament industry has had a direct reflection on the media and the use of psychology to develop a feeling nationalism to justify military service and war.  As you can see throughout the modern history of America, the use of the media to inspire shock and awe tactics on the American people to increase the economy and indoctrinate the people of the United States to believe that war is needed and necessary.

              Prior to 9/11, the U.S. government knew leading up to the attacks that a commercial airplane attack on the nation was imminent.  Although it is pure speculation that the government and private industry knew of what was to come, the media used shock and awe tactics to increase a feeling of nationalism and patriotism to corral the masses to join on the government and industries interest to interfere militarily in the Middle East.  After 9/11, the media continued to replay videos of the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon to implement a shock and awe method to win over the American people by continuing to show blood, tears of victims, and the planes smashing into the towers.  This continuous showing of these events by the media is certainly correlated with the industry and government's self-interest of making war.  The media certainly uses such tactics to program the human mind to believe anything they say by continuously showing things that evoke a sense of emotion out of its viewers.  Because humans are emotional creatures, the media and industry use this as a tactical weapon to indoctrinate the people of our country to believe that our interests are to go to war by using violence and emotion on television.  These such tactics corral the people together under a feeling of nationalistic pride and anger, and public opinion is easily swayed by main-stream media outlets which are controlled by industry and corporations. 

This use of media to indoctrinate the people of the United States is done to relay the interests of industry onto the American people.  War is a perpetual motion machine that never stops running.  To continue this war machine, industry must use the media outlet to program the minds of its viewers by means of shock and awe to believe within their minds that war is the only option simply to fuel their self-interests, and to fill their pockets.  The first significant use of these tactics was the Nazi Propaganda Machine.  The Nazi's use media outlets such as newspapers, radio, cinema(movie theatre) and early television to promote their interest in military conquest and purification of the German state.  In doing so, the Nazi Propaganda machine would continuously feed into the minds of the people of Germany that what they are doing is right for them, and obviously over time, the human mind is programmable device in a sense. If you feed it the same thing over and over again, it will start to believe everything you say is true simply because that is all you hear. 

Many parts of the world including U.S. learned from this strategy the Nazi's used to perfect their own propaganda machine.  In the U.S. today, the mainstream media has been used to indoctrinate the masses in their political beliefs, the belief that American violence is so bad that we must take gun rights away from its people yet we are one of the largest if not the largest weapons manufacturer in the world, and belief that war is necessary is fix problems in the world.  In the end, American industry uses the media to promote their self-interests in propagating war by means of shock and awe to bring about human emotion and a sense of nationalistic and patriotic pride to fuel their love for war and greed while lives are lost simply because of this selfishness and cruel greed.  I strongly believe a strong national defense is necessary for every nation, but simply using the media as a gateway to create the approval of the American people for war is in many ways completely wrong.

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