Monday, April 15, 2013

How George Bush Was Wrong about the Link Between Bin Laden and Hussein

After September 11th, 2001, the United States and the world was shocked and saddened by the terrorists attacks that were inflicted upon America.  Since the World Trade Center was home to many world organizations and companies, it was like a piece of the entire world's heart was broken.  Many countries around the world sympathized with America for every country in this world lost lives on that sad day in history.  George Bush Jr. went on a tyannical rampage instead of keeping a cool head and composure, which are signs of a good leader, and decided to tell the world that, "If you are not with us, your against us."  Why would you say such a thing when the entire world lost people on that day in the Trade Center, not just America?  They reached out to us, but instead your reverted to primitive means of anger and resentment against everyone, when Al-Qaeda, a lawless and nationless militant group, were the people behind the attack.  The motives of Bin Laden were simply to bankrupt America, and the world, and because the "War on Terrorism," as its called, we are now trillions of dollars in debt.  I hate terrorism and violence more than anyone in this world, but don't you think Bin Laden got what he wanted or do you, Mr. Bush, not even care or even try to think about it in a rational manner because your family is a part of the secret occult that runs this world, and makes money off war.  Human Beings are so special, yet our emotions will ruin our existence. 

Before 9/11, Bin Laden went to Saudi Arabia to discuss with the Saudi princes about the issues that were going on in Iraq because Hussein was oppressing and bringing fear to the people of Bin Laden religious background. The Saudi Princes refused to take any iniative on Hussein because of their economic ties to Hussein.   In the Islamic faith, there are several types of faiths within the faith just like in Christianity.  Two distinct groups are the Shia's and the Sunni's.  Bin Laden and Hussein are both of different religion and culture, so why would they even be allies?  The different Muslim faiths have been against each other for as long as I can remember.  Although we should all come together as one whole world since the Abrahamic religions are connected by the same blood line, Abraham, one can see that this who connection could not be made between Bin Laden and Hussein because of this unrest between each of their religious affiliations.  On another note,  Ismael, of the Arabs is cousins with Isaac Of the Jews, and they both are descendents from the prophet Abraham, so I really don't understand why all the religions are at war with one another when we're descendants from the same prophet and bloodlines, its like killing your family.  We all believe in the same god, but preached and interpreted in different ways.  George Bush did not use logic and reasoning when trying to connect Bin Laden and Hussein, but use his anger, resentment, and ignorance to attack Iraq although Hussein was an evil man and had to go. 

People must learn to understand others cultures and ways of life before you pass judgement on others.  George Bush Jr. knows nothing of the Islamic faith yet he passed judgement on their society without knowing the facts.  Bin Laden and Hussein are both evil people, but there simply was no connection between the two.  Bush simply just went off primitive emotion and American ignorance to practice war mongering in the Middle East.  I do not understand why human beings pass judgement based on ignorance, instead of researching things fully before you rationalize the problem at hand.  War and oppression will continue to occur unless we forgo our ignorance with knowledge of others cultures and ways of life.  Just because it is not our way of life here in America, does not mean its the wrong way of life.  In the end, we all deserve to be free from our neighbors and our governments in order to live a truly good life, but always be mindful of others ways of life, and think before you react.  That is why we have a brain!

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