Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Issues on Gun Control In America

The issue of gun control has been prevalent in the world political arena since the end of the Great War.  The League of Nations, and subsequently The United Nations have been trying to enact the abolition of citizen and government weaponry for almost a hundred years since the Disarmament Conference in 1932.  In America today, this issue has risen to new heights as a result of certain massacres that have hit society in such a painful and emotional manner.  I am a pacifist by nature, for I do not believe violence solves any problems in this world, it simply just increases hatred towards the aggressor and inevitably causes individuals and nations alike to fire back with force against those who use violence on them.  America's immoral and unjust society is showing its true color.  In the end, the law abiding citizens may be the one's that are most affected by the thought of gun control.  Should the government be able to walk into our homes and take away your ability to defend yourself, your family, and your property, or even put a chip in your weapon so that the world can know exactly where to find it?  Can we even trust our own government not to use the disarmament against us through fear and oppression?  Will Americans, both lawless and law abiding, still find a way to get ahold of guns?  If we are too give up our weapons, don't you think the government should lay down their arms as well and practice what they preach for our country is one of the biggest suppliers of weaponry in this entire world? 

First we shall begin by discussing the government's role in gun control, and how subsequent laws could inevitably effect us.  Killing in this country has gone on for as long as I can remember.  American noblemen and politicians have even partaken in duals to gain honor and respect during the 17-1800's.  Even today,  all across this country people are killed as a result of guns, so why are you only taking a stand against it now?  Gun violence has been a serious issue throughout the last 30-40 years in particular, yet we still continue to manufacture more and more guns every year.  Although we have a standing army now, and during the time the Constitution was written we really did not, the Second Amendment is there for a means to protect yourself, your family, and your property.  I just read an article that an 11 year old girl who has been properly trained in how to use a gun, was able to protect herself while she was alone in her home.  Her home was broken into by two illegal immigrants one of which was armed with a .45 caliber hand gun.  Both of the intruders were wanted men for they had already robbed a home and killed a man prior to breaking into the young girl's home.  If the young girl was not able to protect herself, who knows what could have happened.  This goes to show you just what happens when a family properly educates their children and themselves on such weaponry.  There is no denying that America has become a dangerous place for all of us, but by taking away this right is not the answer.  Those lawless individuals will still find a way to get their guns, and the law abiding citizens will in the end suffer.  If the government takes away our ability to carry guns, then who are we safe against.  Can we even trust our government not to use such tactics against us?  We can't even trust them to make laws that are in the favor of society as a whole.  We still allow them to pass laws to protect big business, yet they wish to pass laws against the law abiding American public.  If they wish to blame anyone, they can blame themselves for letting such atrocities happen for such a long time as a result of idolizing violence.  All you ever see or hear on the news is violence, yet we they never cover all the good things that happen.  The first half hour of any local news station is violence, and by covering it you just give it more attention even if its negative.  News Stations are quick to cover a gang related murder, but they forgo the thought of covering a peaceful protest against Monsanto Corporation, whose peaceful protest is only to stop the use of GMO's that ruin the human body and our natural crops.  In the end, I believe disarmament in a perfect world is a great thing, but in the jungle of the U.S., the government and society as a whole has made it that even your a true optimist, one can not trust anyone!

The world government's and big business make billions of dollars every year selling weaponry to feuding nations.  America has sold and given weapons to almost every nation in the Middle East.  We are giving them the means to kill each other, yet we want to take away the guns of the American people.  If the government is to want disarmament of its people, then they too must practice what they preach.  How could the government even approach such means when they themselves are to blame for the pain, death, and anguish throughout the world by giving these countries means to kill each other.  Instead of war, why can't all the nations of the world come together against the aggressor rather.  Instead the United States government would rather see these people kill each other while we steal their natural resources.  In the end, before the government takes our means of defending ourselves, they should take a good look in the mirror, and ask if they are setting the right example for the generations to come on ending violence in this world. 

If the government is to take away our right to bear arms, most lawless citizens and illegal aliens will still find a way to get weapons.  It is the American way to always find a way around a problem or law regardless of one's social stature in society.  The people that follow the law will be the individuals who suffer from gun control.  Those individuals who believe that they are above the law or untouchable will continue to find ways to arm themselves with guns.  How can the government stop the illegal possession and distribution of weapons in this country when we manufacture more guns and ammunition than almost any other country on Earth.  This country is full of corruptible individuals who will forgo the law for the all-mighty dollar sign, so you mean to tell me you can stop these people from selling to lawless individuals who will purchase illegal weapons.  This problem is occurring now, and will continue to occur if the government passes laws towards gun control.  In the end I have one question,  how is it possible that weapons that are government issued get in the hands of the American people? 

All my life I have grown up being an advocate against violence.  Violence never solves any issues, but simply makes them worse.  If the government wishes to make laws to abolishing our second amendment and right to bear arms, then they too should make an effort to do the same for this world will be a better place if peace is the prime goal for mankind.  If the government does not wish to lay down its arms and lead by example, then why should the American people have to do it.  Gun violence has been an issue for such a long time in the U.S., and the world has even been trying to lead the world to disarmament since the end of the Great War, but as long as society idolizes war and violence in the media, then this issue will simply never go away no matter what you try to do!

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