Thursday, April 4, 2013

Morality vs. Money

In the world of humans, we thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally, off of the concept of money.  Without money, the means of a comfortable survival dwindle as the means to an end are justified. By those who obtain this material wealth in large quantities money rules the world, and everyone in it.  The more money you have, the better off you shall become as one obtains it.  For those who have it, it seems as though it is never enough.  This cruel reality is disheartening to my soul, for happiness to me is succumbed by the simplicities in life and the joy of my actions bringing laughter, joy, and happiness to others.  At the same time, there's a side of me deep down that lives for the happiness and comfort the presence and accumulation of money shall bring for those who lay closest to me in my heart, body, and soul as well as myself.  Since there is no changing this means to an end for the human race, I come to you today to discuss the complexity of a society who struggle everyday within their mind to justify their actions against their subconscious thought process.

I shall first share my story about Google Incorporated.  I show great admiration to Mr. Larry Page for what he has done to create a working and efficient means to study and learn on the internet.  His website and web browser has connected the world in a way in which never seemed possible.  At the same time, he has an honor and duty to serve his shareholders to increase the value of the company and stock.  With that being said, he now has taken this thought of money, and applied it to every application that Google has offered.  In order to get your website higher on the list on the Google Search Engine, you must pay money to do so.  Being that I am a substitute teacher and a college student, I do not have the means to compete with those established figures in this money hungry world.  I am no way downing the man for his goal is to bring material wealth to those who have given great monetary funds in faith that his company will continue to grow exponentially which it has if you have studied the stock market in the recent years.  I bring to you a side of the story that I have witnessed through my personal perception.  For example, I used to type in various phrases on the Google Search Page and found myself on the first page, but now that Google has gone even further in obtaining material wealth, I no longer find myself even in the first few pages for the simple fact that I can afford to pay the money to do so.  In capitalism, the means of survival in business is much like natural selection where only the strong survive, but money in this world is the only thing that constitutes strength and superiority, even for a young man who is trying to make it in this world, seems hopeless yet I still live on everyday like it is my last for someday I may be able to live the American Dream.  In the end, how far shall a company go towards monetary means, before one realizes that you are stifling the progress of an individual with dreams of making it in this world or do they even care since I am just one of billions who use their cite?  I guess I am acting selfish in my mannerisms.

The government seems to take a see-saw type approach to politics and business.  They only intervene in time of crisis, but lay a blind eye to the world of business when money is being accumulated in large amounts.  The government seems to only make rules after the game has been played and cheated.  In the game of monopoly, which I have found to be very good at, the rules are straight forward, and understood before the game is played, so that the competitors are all on an even scale prior to the start.  Why can't the government make rules that correlate to this ideology?  Simply because of the deep pockets of lobbyists who wish to sway your attention with the support of monetary funds?  I understand everyone's self-interest wishes to be taken into consideration, but who's to say your voice is more important than mine simply because you've accumulated more wealth than the next.  Labor and intellect drive this world, and with such, money is accumulated, so why not listen to all those that risk their health to attain it by those means?  At the same time, if the rules are too strict in the world of business, progress and the flow of money is strangled by the tight grips of a tyrant whose ambition is to crumble the world economy.  There is a fine line between morality and money you see, one must adhere to the people while trying to please those who's monetary value keep the world running smoothly in terms of monetary circulation.  At the same time, an economy only works if money is flowed in both directions from top to bottom and bottom to top.

There is simply no wrong or right answer to the question of money and morality, for everyone sees the world in a different light based on the experiences in their life and the biological complexity within their brain.  At the same time, there is that little voice in your head that some forget that is there, which guides you on your moral path and duty to serve yourself while keeping others in mind along the path in life.  Money is the driver of the vehicle of life, but one must remember that there are passengers in the back seat.  You must take a look through the rear view mirror from time to time, and recognize that even though you’re the driver, your actions hold their lives in jeopardy as well.

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