Monday, April 1, 2013

Self-Motivation is the Only Motivation

As the days pass, we all need a way to keep up with the daily grind called life.  Different people take different approaches to stay motivated.  Some may see the all-mighty dollar sign as their true motivator while others get motivated by helping others.  In my own life, sometimes it’s a struggle within yourself to keep going for life can leave one distracted by all one's self-interests which over a life time can truly add up.  While I ask others to really push me towards my goal, I know that each person must take care of themselves and their family before lending a helping hand toward  a friend.  As a result, I seek to challenge myself every day to accomplish goals for each day, and over time those goals become a living reality for yourself, and those I wish to help around me.

Over the past few weeks, I have been helping a friend study mathematics and logical reasoning skills to help him pass the math section of the Air Force entrance exam.  A couple days a week we sit down for a few hours, and go over several problems.  As a good teacher, and a pretty good math student, I instantly know the answer to each problem.  I continue to tell him to push himself in the area because it will only help him get better.  In the words of Aaliyah, "at first you don't succeed, brush yourself off and try again."  I tell him to take this mindset into each problem, for if he does not challenge and apply himself at the task at hand, he'll never get better.  In the end, one day from the accumulation of hard work and dedication to the subject, he will all of a sudden understand everything when everything clicks in his brain where he develops new neural network connections in his brain.

For my life, I find my motivation within myself.  Each day is a struggle to get things done that one wants to accomplish.  Many of times, I have no one but myself to keep myself going because I am studying higher level mathematics and physics that very few can understand in my life.  While I do not study it at school, I have no one to tell me to study it, so many of times I simply go into the study session with something I want to get out of it.  Teaching yourself higher level academic work can be tedious and hard at times, but the further I push myself, the faster I can see beauty in the work.  It’s a constant race to catch up to the concepts in my head with the mathematical rhetoric that goes with it.  Although I have nothing but self-gratification when I learn something new considering the scientific community kind of shuns out people in which they do not know personally, knowing that I’ve learned something is all I need in this world.  In the end, if I keep working hard I know someday someone will come along and my hard work and dedication that I love will pay off, but patience is a virtue.

I'd like to end this by telling you a quote that I read from Bill Gates, "Nothing in this world is given; only you can make your dreams reality.  If you work hard, you can accomplish what you want, but no one is going to be there all the time to tell you to do it."

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