Sunday, April 28, 2013

Solutions to America's Political, Economic, and Social Issues For a Brighter Future

For all of human history, citizens, companies, bankers, economists, and politicians have feuded over what is the best policy for creating a stable and working economy from top to bottom to allow the flow of money to run freely in a society.  From biased and unbiased research from studying the past and the present, people try to make predictions for the future, but only a few are gifted to see the future before it happens.  The future can be envisioned by  one man, but it takes a collective conscious to establish a new gateway for change to emerge.  Time causes corruption and complacency for those who forgot where they came from, the struggles they've endured, and the sacrifices they've made to make it to the where they are.  Obama speaks of distribution of wealth, but he does not show Americans how to make it happen.  He makes laws by way of executive orders, but doesn't make sure that they are enforced, and some of them are just wrong from my perception.  He allows giant corporations to continue to take advantage of those same people he promised to help and protect.  America was built on hard work and dedication to help bring oneself up from the bootstraps of poverty and from being a middle class slave, to a successful and proud American.  Instead he allows people and wants for people to live off of Big Brother. Why don't you challenge, educate, and guide young and adult Americans alike to reach for their dreams in the new economy.  We will not let you take this country on the path towards Socialism because this is a democratic republic not a socialist government masked by the thought of being free.  You have to abolish the part of NDAA that says the Secret Service, or as I would like to call it your secret second generation SS (sedes sacrorum), from illegally detaining anyone they please without reasonable cause, and holding them without due process of law.  I hope I am wrong in my visions and beliefs, but you are taking this country in a direction where privacy and rights do not exist. EVERY DAY MY COMPUTER GETS HACKED AND PEOPLE SPY ON MY INFORMATION, AND YOUR NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT, YET YOU TALK ABOUT AN INTERNET BILL OF RIGHTS.  It is a right given to the people by means of the Constitution of this great nation that any man or woman can petition and criticize the government by means of peaceful protest.  If one does not talk, then how is one's voice going to be heard to make change.  In this blog I wish to send this message to President Obama and Congress personally as simply giving them constructive criticism for I know listening to the voices of 300-400 million people can be overwhelming, but in the end, you’re not listening to 300-400 million people.  You listen to 30-50 special interests group or lobbyists that pay for your campaign.  In this blog I will discuss the American dream, community based economics, civil liberties in the physical and virtual world, and political changes that need to be made in order to send our country to new and exceeding limits for the future.



First I will start with the banking system.  In the U.S., we have 5 banks have a combined $9 trillion in assets according to  The United States GDP in 2012 was roughly between 15 and 16 trillion dollars.  The top five banks in the U.S. account for a large chunk of our GDP.  They use complex mathematics and computer programming to protect their ass from possible financial meltdowns, but leave the American and international investors and depositors out to dry during time of crisis.  During the next financial crisis if and when it happens, the U.S. economy will seize to exist as a result.  At the same time, if these banks are worth a combined 9 trillion dollars, and that is just the top 5 banks, than why does Congress and the President sign off and continue to give them tax payer money when they have plenty of money on their own.  I am glad to see leveraging rates have stabilized or at least that is what I am being told according to, but since all of the banks are intertwined, if at any point the 5 banks go under or have a financial crisis, than the other banks will fall because the money and power is concentrated at the top.  We need to revert back to a split between commercial and financial investment banking, so that depositors don't see their money disappear in time of crisis.  At the same time Obama, if you make a law against trying to make the banks the same, than they will all screw over American's because none of them will be able separate their banking practices to be able to offer the American public something different that sets them apart from the others.  Instead, they will all collectively screw over Americans because of excessive consolidation of federal powers because they will all work together even further than they already do to hurt the American people out of spite of stricter federal laws.  One is given two options, either break up the big banks into small community based branches all over the country such as JP Morgan Vineland, JP Morgan Philadelphia, JP Morgan Chicago, JP Morgan Camden etc., so that the investment banks and commercial bank employees and executives can create a community based investment firm where they build relationships with people, so both parties can have confidence in one another because right now the big banks take advantage of the masses because naturally there are so many of them that the banks don't care about them on an individual basis. The other option is to stop federal subsidies to banks, and play a watchful eye, but do not intervene unless there is foul play.  BANKS ALSO ARTIFICIALLY MANIPULATE DEBIT CARD TRANSACTIONS.  ELECTRONIC BANKING IN THEORY WORKS AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT, SO YOUR MONEY SHOULD BE TAKEN OUT AT 186,000 miles per second, SO IN THEORY IT SHOULDNT TAKE DAYS TO SEE CHANGES IN OUR ACCOUNT BALANCE, IT SHOULD BE ALMOST INSTANTANEOUSLY CONSIDERING LIGHT TRAVELS THE EARTH 7 TIMES A SECOND, SO GOING FROM THE ATM TO THE BANK DATABASE SHOULDNT TAKE LONGER THAN NANOSECONDS.  IM TIRED OF BANKS MANIPULATING THE SYSTEM THEN BLAMING IT ON THEIR DEPOSITORS.  In the end, banks are necessary to help regulate the flow of money to those who need it for whatever reason they have, but the consolidation of money and power at the top can be truly detrimental during time of crisis, so one is left with two options:  community based banking corporations rather than one giant bank, or get rid of government subsidies to entities whose sole purpose is to make money because if they get free money they won't be as careful with their own.

Each year the NDAA or national defense authorization act tightens the grip on the American public, and expands on federal power and those they give power to.  According to the NDAA of 2013, the government now has the right to arrest and detain any American citizen for as long as they want without cause or due process of law.  This directly contradicts the U.S. Constitution.  This is not just Obama, but Congress as well.  This Act is a way to consolidate their expressed powers and gives them the right to delegate those powers to members of the Secret Service.  In essence, it gives anyone in the government or appointed by the government to use their personal perception on whether someone is committing a crime.  By this statement I can infer that the government is using a totalitarian mindset to try and eliminate citizens from expressing their right to petition the United States Government.  I personally feel that the government is scared of the people, so they make laws that try to hide their fear of the people and their voice.  I am a pacifist, or a non-violent person, but I feel words are stronger than physical action because intelligence will take you further in life than physical might.  Through the NDAA, in my opinion, the government is simply trying to take away your ability to gather peacefully under one cause, and that is political and social justice.  If you feel your laws that you pass will bring anger and resentment from the people you represent, than why do you make them?  If you listen to the hard working people who deserve to have their voices heard, than you would not have to be scared of them!  Even though you promise not to detain American citizens Mr. Obama, why should we believe you when you promised in 2008 to take care of the Monsanto problem with regards to proper food labels?  Your full of empty promises, but you also have done some great things.  I know the presidential position is not easy, and I admire your courage to keep fighting on, but your actions make one draw comparisons to that of a police state, and I do not wish to see my country head in that direction any longer.

             In my opinion, Congress needs to be revamped to the same standards as the President.  Incumbency corrupts Congressman whose power is protected by the thought of being a career politician.  In order to avoid corruption, and to maintain a balanced approach to decision making in Washington, we as a nation need to change Washington.  I'm tired of seeing career politicians continue to get elected because their lobbyists flood their campaign accounts with millions so that they can continue to get on the ballot for a certain political party.  With respect to this idea, one is left with only one option:  just as the president can only serve 2 terms, any Congressman have it be a Representative or Senator can only hold office for two terms.  This will be the toughest task in the entire future of the United States considering people in power do not wish to make laws that can take away that power, but the longer they stay in office the more power they give themselves.  The longer, we the people, wait to make such changes, the more consolidated the power of Congress will get.  No human likes to have their power reduced, but it is for the good of the whole to implement such changes to Congress in order for the entire country to benefit.  Speaker Boehner, I really like your Congressional budget and your ideals on reducing spending in the Congress because you are right, it’s not about the amount of money you have to spend, it's how smart you can be with the money you are given.  With intelligent and thought out decision making, one can simply do more with less by trimming the fat.  If the rest of Congress doesn't like it so be it, I think $ 1 billion spread across 535 people is quite enough to make laws, the last time I checked information on the internet is basically free, and it doesn't cost anything to talk, so stop whining about losing a couple million. 

Dear President Obama,

                 You promised to help out the people by making an internet bill of rights, but you have done little to show of it.  Google continues to overstep its privacy boundaries all over the world.  I'm sure you know that Germany fined Google $200,000 for privacy infringement in their country.  The same has happened all over the world including the U.S.  The giant internet tycoons simply wish to have a conservative and laissez faire approach to virtual privacy, but just as Exxon-Mobil is with oil, Google is doing the same thing with the internet.  They continue to spy on their user’s personal information that is supposed to be protected.  You need to grow a pair, and fine companies that do not follow the law regardless of how much money they make.  If you makes laws and then don't enforce them, then why do you make laws to begin with?  It's like telling a child not to hit another, but when they do it, you turn the other way.  MY COMPUTER GETS HACKED AND SPIED ON DAILY BY COWARDS WHO ARE TRYING TO LEACH OFF MY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY THAT WILL NOT EVEN FIND.  I KNOW THE GOVERNMENT WAS BEHIND TAKING DOWN MY SPACECRAFT, BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I DIDN'T SPY ON ANYONE TO CREATE THAT DESIGN AND EXPLANATION FOR HOW IT WORKED. I SIMPLY DID COUNTLESS HOURS OF RESEARCH AND CLOSED MY EYES AND THOUGHT ABOUT IT AND A PICTURE POPPED UP IN MY HEAD AND I DREW IT AND EXPLAINED IT.  You protect the corporations and all their intellectual property, but you won't protect me from the cowards who scope out my computer and change my passwords to try and scare me from writing these blogs.  Someone from Google continues to change my settings on my blog because I have it set that my page views of my own writing don't count towards the total, but someone from Google goes into my blogger interface and changes the setting every day.  You protect the corporations from foreign hackers, but you do nothing against hackers against me, or any other American that's not a corporation.  I admire your goal to create laws and rights on the internet, but actions speak louder than words. If one wants to make change on the internet then hit them where it hurts, THEIR POCKETS, when people and especially companies that use their money to bully people and break the law.  The American government tries to put people in jail for 60-70 years for hacking, yet you do nothing when companies like Google invade privacy, and while these cowards continue to invade my computer and information for things they'll never find.  I used to think my designs and ideas would just be a gift I'd want to give to everyone because I grew up happy without money and extravagant material possessions, but people are ruthless and I am not willing to sit around and let people think they can walk all over me without any action.

                    In the end, there needs to be a lot of change still in this country.  The President has showed us his vision or plan for where he wants to take our country.  He has had more executive orders than any other president in our history, yet they've just increased his power and his delegated powers rather than help the people he said he was trying to help.  Banks still do whatever they want, and the tax payers give billions to an entity that's sole purpose is to make money and give out loans.  If my friends ask to borrow money from me and I don't have it, I simply don't give it to them knowing my parents will reimburse me when my friend doesn't pay me back.  Congress needs to be limited to 2 terms to stop corruption and lobbyist influence on political decisions and lawmaking.  Laws need to be made that have citizens and business in mind because as the government you’re an intermediary between the people and business, so one cannot in theory choose one side over the other, COMPROMISE IS BEST.  The government needs to hit corporate internet giants where it hurts when they infringe upon the rights and privacy of the users when it explicitly says that the company will not share your information with a third party or spy on you without your knowledge and consent. Capitalism is the great economic system to promote prosperity for those who work hard, but there is a fine line between too much and too little regulation, and simply put, politics and money ruin social, economic, and political progress in this great nation we live in!

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