Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Human Brain as a Quantum Computer

Every day I contemplate the true potential of the human brain.  Although I don't have the opportunity to run experiments on the brain for I am not a true scientist, I use my own mind and body to dive into the speculation of the human brain as a computer like manifestation.  I recall last week in my class, "Religion and Terrorism," my teacher who has a PhD. in Religious studies, told me my brain rivals that of a computer.  Being the humble man I am I laughed it off like it wasn't true, but in my mind I knew it was.  As I fill my brain up with information, I have autistic like qualities where once I have learned something I truly never forget it.  I had a friend once tell me that I am the human encyclopedia, and that I should get a TV show called, "Sean Kennedy: The Human Encyclopedia."  These two experiences really got my mind thinking about the implications of the brain as a true quantum computer, but what puzzles me about such a thought is how one's personality can be intermingled into such an equation?  Here's my story:

While I was in the hospital with appendicitis a couple weeks ago, I was hooked up to a heart monitor to evaluate and keep tabs on my health, for an elevated heart rate usually means someone is in pain.  About a year ago, I used to tell my mom I could control my bodily functions just by thought alone.  My mom thought I was crazy, how could anyone do such a thing she said.  As a laid their waiting for my mother to get to the hospital for she was in New York because my dad's father is in the hospital with a blood clot in his foot, I could not wait for her to arrive, so I could show her first hand just the capabilities my brain and its thought processes have.  On arrival, I greeted her with a hug as I have great love and affection for her, but soon enough I told her to watch the heart monitor, more specifically the beats per minute (BPM).  At that moment my heart rate was around 86, which for me is quite high being that I am a physically active and healthy young man.  As I closed my eyes, and thought about lowering my heart rate, all of a sudden within seconds it raced down to 60 beats per minutes.  In my opinion, the human brain is the most elaborate and sophisticated biological entity in this entire known universe(until we make contact of course).  Being able to control things by one's thought processes is something out of science fiction, but in my world it’s a living reality for me.  Those who don't understand my capabilities will always believe I am but a heretic, but on that day I made a believer out of my mother for she saw for her own eyes what my brain is truly capable of. 

All my life, I've always gotten bored very easily, and tend to space out.  I tell my teachers before the terms begin of this problem I have, but I let them know that even if I am looking out the window I am still paying attention, and If they challenge me, I always am able to recite everything they have gone over plus I tend to add my own two cents in as well on the subject matter(sometimes that goes well, sometimes it doesn't, it all depends on the professor’s willingness to understand that I have ADHD and I really can’t help it but I try really hard to stay focused and in most cases I sit front row center so that I can).  This ability to multi-task in many facets of life got me thinking about quantum processing.  In a quantum processor, the ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously is something that scientists are striving to do.  What boggles my mind is that not all people are born with this innate ability to multi-task, and being able to process fully the information from multiple set of instructions they seek to do.  When one drives a car and texts, the functionality of either your driving skills is altered, or one’s text message gets altered in some type of fashion, which is why it should be and is illegal to perform other tasks when one is driving.  At the same time, I find myself doing three or four things at the same time, and I am able to perform and retain said information with ease, while most others cannot.  Is there something about me that's different than everyone else?  I like to think I am just an ordinary man just like all the rest, but as the days pass by, it becomes more and more evident that I am not.  I am overly troubled these days by such a thought of being different, but I would never want to be part of flock of sheep that follow everything they are told, for I a man who strives to deviated from the norm, but don't we all want to be that way? Isn’t that what makes us human is that we are different, but more or less the same? 

What truly boggles my mind even until this day is the how personality is manifested?  A computer can process unlimited amount of information, but can it truly think like a person?  I think personality is much more of a biological manifestation rather than anything else, but who knows I may be wrong, and if I am, i'll instantaneously replace the thoughts that are rendered obsolete, and replace them with the correct thoughts and ideas.  In a way, the human body and brain is much like a computer that can fix itself.  The brain is much like a computer and an information system for it takes in information through light, that then is turned into electronic information which is then processed by way of the brain and stored for future use, and then the information have it be sight, smell, touch, speech, or hearing, is then transferred to the area in which sent the specific instructions to the brain to be processed.  Some information, pertaining to how often you use it, is easily obtainable in the brain, while others is sometimes lost or disconnected from other neural networks.  Although I will never say I am perfect, for I have more flaws than I can count, my brain is capable of processing and remembering large quantities of information and at any given moment if that information is triggered by a thought or conversation, it is instantaneously obtained in my mind, which truly shows the meaning of a quantum computer. 

I leave you here today hoping that you think for yourself about the true potential of the brain and its capabilities.  Are we truly like a computer, or are we something different? Could it be that our is brain is like a computer, but that personality is such a process of evolution over time that we are able to have a personality that gives us character and makes us inherently different from one another, for computers are all one in the same although some have better processing and storage power than the next?  Are our synapses much like transistors of a computer that’s able to send electromagnetic waves that hold and send information from one part of a system to the next?  Will we ever know truly the capacity and structure of ourselves or will the creator keep us guessing for all of eternity, I guess time will only tell the fate of our knowledge and understanding of ourselves and the world around us!

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