Monday, May 6, 2013

Causality: How the Future Happens Before it Happens

My whole life i've thought about how my actions would affect my future.  As a young child growing up, i'd picture in my head what i thought my future might have in store for me.  Although i did not think about it in too much detail for I was but a young boy, the older i got the more i think about those pictures in my head.  According to the laws of physics, we as the observer of our universe, our reality, can truly control how we perceive the world in which we live in.  I believe in self-determinism in which we all control our own destiny.  Someone who is always happy will live in a world where only positive things happen, while others who live in the same physical reality have the opposite happen to them where they are always down on themselves and others around them, therefore their physical reality dictates what goes in on their mind.  This leads me to the idea of causality which is simply the relationship between cause and effect.  Could the future happen in our minds before it happens in our physical reality, and if so, how can we make sure the picture and series of events in our minds correlate to our future physical reality?  Here's my story:

When i was sixteen years old, i was working really hard at achieving my goal as becoming a professional baseball player.  I'd run 2-4 miles a day, lift weights, and do a variety of drills to improve my god-given ability to throw a baseball effectively.  As i'd go through the motions of hard work, a movie would play over and over in my mind of the future where i'd envision myself playing at high and higher levels of competition.  Before games, i'd close my eyes and visualize what i wanted to do in that particular game, and even before each pitch i'd visualize what i wanted to do, and where i wanted the ball to go.  With confidence and fluid mechanics which correlate with self-determinism, the vision in my mind could culminate in a positive action in my physical reality.  At the time, i did not really think much of it just that i was taught to visualize what i wanted, but that i really didn't really think about the universe, the brain, the observer, and reality for I was just a young teen with a dream of making it in a sport i grew up idolizing.  I never had enough confidence and self-determinism to makes those visions in my mind a living reality though because i'd let others thoughts and emotions affect my own, but when my Mom got sick with cancer i stopped caring and listening to those who would try to bring me down, and just listened to the voice in my head telling me to keep going and to never give up because of the promise i had made to my Mom about how i'd give her a reason to live, as a sat next to her while she laid there in pain day after day.  Those sad days turned into endless nights reading and thinking about life, the universe, and reality.

In  my opinion, the human brain is much like a universe inside of a universe.  The brain has 100 billion neurons, and the universe we live in has 100 billion galaxies.  The neurons and galaxies are connected by dendrites and the galaxies are connected by what looks like a sponge-like foam on the distance of super clusters, and from what i have read there are 10,000 dendrites coming off each neuron.  That correlates to about 1 quadrillion possible connections inside the human brain when you multiply 100 billion neurons x 10,000 dendrites or 10^15 power.  (1,000,000,000,000,000 connections)  The human brain has just as many particles inside of it than does the entire universe outside the human brain, so who's to say we cannot compute the entire universe with our own brain.  If we are able to compute the universe, we can therefore dictate the present and future of our physical reality, therefore controlling and envisioning the future within our own minds.  This might sound a little crazy, but it makes logical sense.  From the previous paragraph i talked about envisioning something in my mind, then making it happen in my physical reality.  How many times have you thought and pictured  about a plan of action in your mind before you did it, and then made it happen in your life?  You saw the future before it actually happened.  All it took was a little hard work and dedication from self-determinism, but you saw the future before it happened in your own mind. You can control your formation of your physical reality just by thinking and envisioning it in your mind before it happens, but one must never think in a negative manner about making it happen for yourself, for if one is not confident in one's actions than the idea of self-determinism falls apart.  The picture of the future will always be clear in your mind, all you have to do is make it happen in your reality outside your brain.

In the end, we all are responsible for our formation of reality.  Our actions and feelings play out in our view and perception of the physical reality of which we live in.  By envisioning what you want your future to be in your mind, you can dictate your future just by thinking and picturing it.  Of course, self-determinism plays a key role in your life for no goals or actions can be met without hard work and dedication, but we all control our future by not deviating from the line of success in which one wishes to accomplish.  By focusing on the picture you wish to achieve in your mind before you partake in something, one can see it play out in the future as long as you stay positive and never give up.  Those on top never want to lose their place, so they will try to indoctrinate you with whatever they wish to deviate you off that path in your mind, but as long as you stay true to the voice and picture in your mind, you will accomplish anything you set your mind to.

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