Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Thoughts on The New World Order and a One World Government

After World War II, the world was left with three prevailing super powers with Russia, the United States, and Great Britain.  These three powers inevitably decided the fate of Europe including the defeated Axis Powers.  From these meetings, the United Nations was formed.  The United Nations was created to replace The League of Nations which was created after World War I.  The United Nations was created to bring the governments from all established nations together to help make sure peace was created throughout the world, and to help establish the global banking system as well as the IMF.  I believe this was the greatest organization to ever be established in the history of Earth.  The only problems I see in such a global organization is whether or not the appointed members work to promote peace, or do they create war for the selfish interest of profiting from it.?  My idol is Albert Einstein, and everyday i see more and more that we are alike for the simple fact that we've seen our world's crumble around us and we have a lot of people who think we're crazy, but we always believe in ourselves(i wish every one could see the picture in my mind for they could see what i see, and understand what I understand).  He believed in the idea of a one world government body whose job was to promote the interests of the entire globe, and to promote peaceful intervention against a governing body wishing to destroy and oppress the people of their country and/or the world.  In America, we are all about giving everyone numerous chances at succeeding as well as failing.  I really love my country for the freedom of choice, and if we make the wrong choice a few times, we still get more opportunities to change for the better.  For that fact, i will always remain faithful to my roots, but like a tree I shall expand out towards the light the whole world has to offer.  I believe in a New World Order where the rule of law reigns supreme, but is a rule of  law that gives everyone inalienable rights to everyone equally.  I believe in the implementation of a world currency where the entire world has the same value of money regardless of where they live, so business will thrive everywhere and on equal footing.  I believe in self- sufficient communities, so people don't have to rely on the government for handouts, but look for government to protect them, but help financially to get them back on their feet.  In the end, I believe in the human race, my brothers and sisters of all walks of life and backgrounds, to come together no matter where you live, under one cause, global civil rights and global currency exchange that is on equal footing so there is no one country who has more rights or a competitive advantage over another depending on where you live.

The New World Order can be seen as dangerous conspiracy because of the thought of a tyrannical superpower who wants to control and manipulate the people of the world.  I see it as the ultimate governing body who takes the interests of the whole world under one just cause to improve the world as a whole to promote peace for everyone to enjoy.  Peace is a struggle for there are people in this world who just want to see the world burn for their own sick enjoyment.  Intelligent and wealthy men and women are the most frightening people for they have the means and intellect to create such sick vengeance and terror on the world , and it truly is disheartening.  As a result, i hope the NWO never allows such people to gain power within the organization for only those who are willing to work together to promote global peace shall gain access to such a governing body.  Obama is an amazing man for the hard work and dedication he's brought to the table as president to promote peace.  He's told terrorists all over the world that if they don't stop their actions to promote and implement terror then he will stop them by force.  He has given terrorists the opportunity to stop and go home, basically an ultimatum for change, yet these people wish to bring terror for a cause that Allah doesn't find justifiable.  No where in the Qur'an does it say that you should kill innocent people, and get 70 virgins for it.  It says, if you kill one innocent man unjustly, its like killing all of humanity, and you will go to hell.  At the same time, Obama, just like all men and women on this Earth makes mistakes, and its unfortunate that no matter what good things people do, its only the bad things that the media and the people exploit and remember.  Peace is the ultimate goal of mankind in their quest to maintain balance and order, but having an organization that will come down on one aggressor is an important thing to have to promote peaceful exchange among the people of this great Earth.

With that in mind, I believe in a world that has global civil rights.  I'm tired of the U.S. doing business with country that oppress their people.  Although business is business, and regardless of the private affairs of businessmen and governments, the exchange of capital, goods, and services is necessary in maintaining a working global economy, but we as a whole need to work at establishing a global civil rights movement and a global internet bill of rights.  I have pity for governments who kill their people for having an opinion that contradicts the government.  The free exchange of ideas is necessary to bring positive change, and its 2013, not 1400 when people would get mutilated for not toeing the line.  Its unfortunate that we have governments and tyrants that act like primitive beasts rather than ruling bodies that work hand-in-hand with their people for political, economic, scientific, and social progression.  This progress can and will come from within that specific nation or from the UN policy.  I understand not all governments are going to have the same political system and structure, and that certain places have cultural methods that work for their country, but rights are rights, and all of the human race should have access to those inalienable rights.  Promoting world peace will free the minds of those oppressed people to think outside the box to improve the lives of their family, community, city, state, country, even Earth.  In the end, I believe in the rule of law where the human race is free as the greatest idea to ever be implemented into society, but we must be conscious of the fact that freedom doesn't need to come from democracy, it comes from the freedom of mind, body, and spirit to think, say, and do as we please s long as it benefits yourself and the whole simultaneously.  Remember democracy does not work in societies where people are only loyal to their tribe or religious group, so as long as peace is maintained who cares what political structure they have.

Money rules the world, and there is nothing we can do about it.  I've been thinking and hearing by word of mouth my whole adult life about the establishment of global currency.  The issues of the world are revolved around the dollar, and its worth on the global market.  Oil is bought and sold based off of the dollar.  As the U.S. borrows more and more money from the Federal Reserve, our money is inflated and is worth less, and it drives the price of certain items up while wages are not relative to inflation.  Wages should always rise at the same rate of inflation to keep all of those in America on an even footing or at least close to it for those who have sacrificed their body and time should reap the benefits of their hard work and struggle at obtaining greatness.  The people of America need to stop worrying about us going bankrupt, its not going to happen.  People forget that Germany would still paying off their war debt from World War I if their debt wasn't excused, and as you can see, all countries have debt, but without the access of credit, business can never innovate and grow.  At the same time, borrowing too much will drive your business/country to the ground and fast.  This leads me to think about the idea of a global currency.  We as a world, need to create a global currency that is equal no matter where you are, so whenever you leave the U.S., or any country, you don't have to worry about the exchange rate or the hassle of any kind of monetary issue.  This will stop countries from manipulating currency because we will all have the same currency worth no matter where you are, and money will flow faster and better in such a world.  I'm tired of China working their people to death, although Chinese people are the hardest working human beings I have ever had the pleasure of being around.(their the only food place open at 3 am when you have the munchies when your in college lol and their the only people open on every holiday, and they do quality work at the dry cleaner i go to)  They are smart, hard working, kind, and respectful people, but China is definitely manipulating their currency, but the U.S. benefits from it because if China hikes up their currency ours will collapse inevitably decreasing the amount we have to pay China back because we borrow dollars from China not Yuan.  Issues like this makes me want a one world currency because if China and the U.S. weren't world super powers and the strongest military's to boot, the rest of the world would be on us like white on rice.

In the end, the implementation of a one world governing body is necessary and inevitable to maintaining peace and prosperity among all walks of life.  At the same time, men and woman who want peace, and will do anything in their power to keep it, should be the only individuals who shall have governing authority within the political structure of the N.W.O.  The interests of the whole should be considered rather than self-interests of the individual nations, but obviously just as America has local, state, and federal laws, the N.W.O. should respect those local governing entities, but should have laws that promote global civil rights, and implement a global currency to stop fraud and manipulation of currency exchange.  In the end, I care too much for the human race to see it crash and burn for the path we are headed right now is one of social, political, and spiritual destruction as well as the destruction of mother nature we hold so dearly to our hearts.

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