Friday, May 10, 2013

The Economy vs. Scientific Progress/Social Justice

As i look back on human society, one can easily see that history works in epochs.  The divergence of one epoch to another always seem to come with a clash among the members of society.  As scientific knowledge is gained, old norms become replaced with new one's.  At the same time, those old norms and ways of life clash with new scientific knowledge and philosophy.  Individuals who were apart of the old epoch are stuck in their ways and refuse to believe the new evidence set forth by the young and aged scientists alike whose thirst for knowledge has set new standards for change and understanding.  We can see that with in many aspects of life.  The issue is how will society adapt to new knowledge?  Will those money hungry members of the old ways create a tighter grip on society because of their thirst for money, or will "the people" overcome such tyrannical oppression to allow the new light to emerge on a society eager to right itself, and will the economy be affected by such processes?

I've been thinking about how the green economy will be implemented in society and how fast?  I admire Obama for his actions for capping greenhouse gases.  The transition period between oil and renewable energy will inevitably challenge the human race like no other time in history.  As the demand for energy increases, we look towards oil more and more each day, but at the same time oil is really what is ruining our society.  The cost of oil increases as the American dollar is inflated, and it has a dramatic influence on the world economy, as well as American's who don't see raises, but see an increase in their gas prices.  Oil and its bi-products such as plastic which emits dioxin in high temperature and low temperature environments, the same chemical used in Vietnam's Agent Orange campaign by the American military that destroyed whole forests and agriculture in Vietnam, have been proven to cause cancer, infertility, and birth defects.  The transition period off of oil will not be easy for it will cause a spike in energy costs for Americans, but we must do it if we want to save the world in which we hold so dearly and for granted simultaneously.  Life is full of struggles, but it is only those who adapt and stay strong through change are those who survive.  As a race no matter where your from, we must change.  At the same time, what will happen in the short term period of the next 25 years in this transition period.  The governments need to stop fighting change, and just embrace it.  Embracing change will bring peace among nations who are simply seeking social and environmental justice, nothing more.  The transition off of oil, or creating a means to decrease carbon emissions in cars by putting a carbon filter in the exhaust of cars and others engines that work off oil will take the carbon and greenhouse emissions out of the air, but at the same time synthetic additives and plastic are poisonous to the human race, and we need to look toward more organic means by using hemp instead of plastic.(our for fathers used it for paper and it can be used for a substitute of plastic)

The FDA is saying we don't have the right to decide what we eat as a society.  I'm sorry, but who gives you the right to tell anyone what they can and cannot eat.  The FDA needs to do their job and look after the best interests and welfare of the people that they were originally supposed to protect.  The FDA was not created in the first part of the 20th century to protect business, but to make "the people" safer against poor and unsanitary food production of businesses based off scientific studies and experimental data and public outcry.  Now the FDA wants to regulate and ban all non-authorized seeds throughout the world which will wipe out small business and farms, those same businesses Obama promised to protect and help.  Mother nature has given us the seeds of creation among all walks of life in the form of land and sea animals as well as plants.  The consumption of fake sugar leads to memory loss, cancer, heart disease, inhibits the ability to learn and the list goes on.  Natural sugars in fruit is much better for you than anything, and fruits and vegtables have been known and proven to help fight against disease.  The use of too much pesticides causes genetic mutations in our plants and animals which in turn get into our body because we consume them which leads to human health issues because of these toxins within the genetic makeup of the plants and animals.  If insurance companies want to make more money, promote things that create better health of your customers, so you can make more money because people get sick less.  Hospitals won't be as crowded because people will get sick less which will allow for better overall care because doctors won't have as many patients.  I'm tired of grown men thinking about how many billions of dollars they can make, but at the cost of killing society slowly.  The laws and regulations made now will dictate the course of the human race.

Money seems to go before our health, yet money causes stress which is the leading cause of illness and aging.  Stress quickens the aging process, and according to my mother's cancer doctors, it increases your chances of getting this deadly epidemic.  The adaptation of the human race will fall upon our ability to learn from our mistakes as well as our scientific progress.  In the end, will business and government tighten its grip on the people of the world, or embrace change so we all can live in a better world where we all get what we want.  The path of social justice isn't a road that's cleared, but as a race, we must always find a new path that leads to the promised land for all to enjoy.

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