Sunday, June 9, 2013

The U.S. Government Tactics: Is it Governmental Spying or Security

Before I lay my eyes and mind to rest at night, I always seem to put my mind to work, and allow it to take my thoughts on a mental roller coaster with ideas bouncing around in every which direction.  Most of my thoughts though are concentrated in a few distinct topics for i try not to allow my mind to wander in directions that that have no relevance to things i wish to accomplish.  I've often pondered sub-consciously in my mind, but also physically with my friends, colleagues, and even classmates as far back as middle school about how far American society will allow the government into our lives.  Some really don't care about the inter-workings of the government because they seem to feel disconnected from politics as though the governments decisions have no direct effect on their lives, some are concerned, but feel some liberties must be given up to protect the whole in a utilitarian sense, and some feel as though the government is overstepping its boundaries to maintain order and use security as a ploy to increasingly enter our lives.

This increasing intrusion into the private lives of Americans both domestic and global has seen increasing measures since 9/11.  As a result of the devastating attacks, which i can still envision in my mind from the 7th grade where i was sitting in my seat during study hall before lunch, when my study hall teacher, Mrs. Forrest, had the television on where the attacks were repeatedly being shown on the tv screen.  On that day my life, and the lives of every American or person on this Earth for that matter changed forever.  Although I know George Bush and Dick Chaney knew that the attacks were going to happen simply because they both are a part of the Halliburton along with Bin Laden's father, as well all being part of the Carlyle Group.  I find it fishy to think that Guantanamo Bay is owned by Halliburton, which profits off of the detention of suspected terrorists, is owned or previously owned by a former President and Vice President, as well as the father of the most infamous terrorist of all time.  Regardless of this speculation, Bush has said on air to the public recently that he enjoyed the power he had as President of the U.S., but is glad his time is up and he can hide from the public.  His efforts to combat terrorism were a gateway to government espionage into the lives of all Americans regardless if you’re a convicted criminal, suspected criminal, or an innocent person naive to the inter-workings of a government slowly and deliberately creeping into your lives through radio-frequency tapping or hacking into your personal information via the internet.  As a result of 9/11 and the subsequent Patriot Act, the government has had the right to spy on any person they feel is a threat to the security of the country, so if you use the word bomb or terrorist in any of your conversations through telecommunication or internet conversations, the government can use that as a justification to look into your personal information and even track your life virtually and physically.  As much as a feel terrorism is wrong and should be stopped, i feel as though this global war on terrorism is a ploy by people, governments, and business to create fear and paranoia among the public to complete their own personal agenda and to profit from it.

              Now i completely feel its the government's job is to protect and maintain the welfare and security of its people, but their certainly is a fine line between maintaining security and blatantly abusing power.  The U.S. government is quick to judge other countries ruling and governmental tactics, but they are just as quick to deny and pass on blame and judgment within their own faculties rather than owning up to their lies and faults.  I have always been taught that the truth shall set you free from poor judgment and lies, and by being deceitful and lying in the eyes of others, one must continue to lie to cover up previous lies, and it starts to build up over a period of time where it gets to a point where the bubble must break and its content of lies emerge from within.  As an American, i wish to see that the security of our people be maintained, but if your going to spy on the lives of others for your own sick abuse of power or just simply because you can, then go report on the news about Chinese hacking, your perception of reality is quite twisted for you lash out on other governments for doing the same thing you do on your own people. Some Americans are willing to forgo some of  their liberties given to them by the U.S. Constitution to maintain order and protection of society as whole, but where was that protection of 9/11 when your ordered all the fighter jets stationed in or around NYC to be relocated to California before the attacks, or where was the security when Russia reported to the U.S. government that the Boston Bombers were a threat to America well before the attack occurred, but the government was too cocky an pig-headed to seek support and help from another country.   I thought the Cold War ended the year I was born?   If the government is going to spy on its people by wishing to gain access to accounts via service providers, then the people should have a right to know that the account that they pay for is being looked into by the government that they pay for to run.  

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