Monday, July 1, 2013

Is Powering Africa with Tax Payer Money More Important Than Stabilizing College Interests Rates?

In this modern day and age, power and energy are a fundamental need for each of us.  Each month, according to the United States Energy Administration(EIA), an average household uses about 940 kilowatthours(kwh).  Many of us, even myself included, take for granted the ability to have our everyday life lit up and powered by our advanced and ever growing electricity infrastructure.  I can remember on my 23rd birthday, we experienced a horrible storm that brought horrible downpour and reported wind gusts exceeding 80 mph in some places, and subsequently, my home and nearly all the homes in my town of Vineland, were without power for a week if not longer.  Living without power for the week really made me appreciate the luxuries we have in this country of ours.  In Africa, whole countries live without consistent and reliable power and electricity.  Because of this electricity issue, the economic stability and even growth is stunted because of such issues.  As a result, Obama started the initiative, "Power Africa" in which he has allocated funds from tax payer money to G.E. to help bring some 10,000 megawatthours of electricity to the sub-Saharan.  Although i find this to be of great importance to bring Africa up to par with the rest of the world, I find this to a trending theme for the U.S. government:  they help other countries before they seem to take care of their own people.

While were in the midst of one of the greatest debt crisis in American history in terms of college loan debt, we continue to allocate tax payer money to fund projects across the globe.  While Congress has not figured out a way to decrease or stabilize our interest rate for hard working college students and graduates, our government decides to go out and help countries who make excessive profits in terms of natural resources such as crude oil.  Africa is full of corrupt governments who have enough money to bring about proper infrastructure modernization yet we give free money to them.  I am all about helping other countries better their stance in this world economy, but why is it a growing trend to help big business make money with our tax payer dollars while us college graduates and students get the short end of the stick?  I have met my fair share of first and second generation  Africans, and they are some of the hardest working and very intelligent people I know because of the fact they take advantage of what we have to offer them in America, but their governments back home are so corrupt that make their people suffer while they reep the benefits of the sweet crude of which they are fortunate enough to possess underneath their land.  While our nation's leaders are playing global super-hero, we are left to pay more and more back to BIG BROTHER because we want to better our stance and knowledge in an economically evolving world.

While I am somewhat angered by the thought of Congress not taking any action on our College loan crisis, I deeply admire the world working together to integrate Africa into the world economy by bringing them onto the global power grid, so they can effectively use their large source of water, gas, and crude oil resources.  Countries such as the U.S., Japan, and China as well as scores of private investors are working together with ideas and billions of dollars to help bring power to such a vast continent.  In a world that is becoming ever so modernized on a daily basis, it is only right to allow all of God's people to have this inalienable right to power and electricity.  Allowing for better infrastructure for Africa will not only bring great promise economically, but it will also bring great joy to the people of this grand continent.  Children will no longer have to sit in the dark by candle light to read a book, or businesses won't be setback by days or even weeks without electricity.  \

Although I am quite angered by Congresses inability to stabilize and lower interest rates for an education that is basically a must have in our changing economic system, our Congress and the President do nothing to help its own citizens from seeing increasing debt pile up over our lifetime, I feel it is a must to offer a helping hand to Africa to see the people of that continent get to enjoy the light that we in this country take for granted each day.

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