Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Correlation Between Cognitive Dissonance, Money, and Climate Change

Since the oil extraction process was discovered in 1863, the United States and subsequently the world changed forever.  The extraction and refining of crude oil created an industry that over the past 150 years has seen a booming effect in both technology, finance, and energy production.  Unfortunately many years passed before the world finally caught onto the negative effects of this resource that comes from non-living organic matter which as we all know is carbon based.  Not only has this deadly carbon bi-product created disaster through the minds of evil, greedy, and anal-retentive human beings, but it is certainly becoming increasingly evident that it is leading us toward  the demise and destructive of mother Earth as we know her to.  Carbon pollution is slowly, but surely, causing the slow, but swiftly approaching exponential change in life as we know it on the third rock from the sun.  Due to the anal-retentiveness and ignorance of some, which is in direct correlation of cognitive dissonance, many Americans refuse to believe that we are causing the demise of a healthy planet and ecological system that has given us life.  Its unfortunate that in America, we can't look past the all-mighty dollar sign and self-interest, to shed light on an ever-growing problem, and its unfortunate that those same people that control our economy and crude oil industry, are the same individuals who control mainstream media in which most Americans use as their only source of news.  Those who control the flow of information, and suppress the full knowledge of any given scenario, have control of the thoughts and overall perception of reality of the masses, but whether that reality is based on absolute and undeniable truth remains to be seen.

Cognitive Dissonance is the feeling of discomfort when one has conflicting ideas and perceptions of information or truth within a certain subject matter.  In a world fueled by greed and political corruption, the minds of human beings are put into disarray over subject matters that are twisted and contorted by those individuals that wish to control one by subduing your consciousness or confusing one to the point in which you are mentally drained and one's only thought is to give up or lose interest.  The idea of climate change fueled by carbon pollution can most certainly can be correlated with cognitive dissonance.  It seems as though politicians and corporate giants wish not to save humanity from itself by evolving energy production from fossil fuels to clean energy, but only to fuel an energy revolution that will end in the swaying of the capital accumulation scale to their side, but in most cases oil cartels have amassed a monopoly on clean energy patents.  At the same time, oil cartels wish to use media outlets and money manipulated scientists to try to disprove the idea of climate change.  As a result, people are left with two conflicting thoughts that are orchestrated by two heads of one evil, greed ran body.  Subsequently, one is left with the inability to trust either side causing one's brain to be left with a feeling of dissonance.  Many don't realize or know that Obama was once a lobbyist for clean-energy companies at one point, so one is only left to infer that he truly does not care about planet that gave him life, but only by the money that will fill his seemingly deep and open pit one would call his pocket as a result of his political and economic actions. At the same time, the information portrayed on mainstream news networks ran by each "head" continues to beat into their viewers minds that the other is lying.  This leaves viewers with the inability to believe that the undeniable truth that is climate change, is really a reality for us.  Its unfortunate that those who's deep pockets wish to not only control our money, but control our minds by perfecting the propaganda machine that knows the more you say things on television and through other media outlets, the more people will be willing to perceive it as concrete factual evidence and believe that the other sides contradictory evidence, even if true, is wrong because their minds have been fed with information denying such claims  I have not once seen or heard any media outlet who denies climate change, prove beyond a reasonable doubt as to why the heating of this planet is not because of the carbon pollution, and if its not than what is?

Money, greed, and ignorance are truly the cubed root of all evil.  Those three terms are ruining not only our society, but our planet.  Free energy has been around since the day Tesla created the Tesla Coil as well as other countless inventions of his, or when electromagnetism was discovered and fully understood, yet no media outlet tells people that they too can control and create a means to produce their own energy without the need of any corporate or state ran energy company.  It's not only the politician's, oil cartel's, and clean energy industry's fault, but the fault of people not looking into such practices to help themselves financially, yet their complacency and ignorance is hoped for and preyed upon by the sharks of our society. At the same time, not once did I learn in high school that one could produce electricity through the creation of a magnetic field via rotating magnets that allows for the flow of electrons through a circuit of conductive material, or that man could create energy from absolutely nothing,  yet the idea has been known for over a hundred years. This world will inevitably change when all of mankind has an awareness that free energy is all around us and it is ours for the taking.  We can end this greed and contortion of information, and in the end, the heating of this planet which is caused by carbon pollution by realizing that the heat that is trapped in the atmosphere as a result of said pollution can be converted into free electrical energy, and we on an individual level can create and sustain our own energy needs in our own homes without ever having to worry about another energy or heating bill sent to you by those same individuals who are ruining our planet yet make you pay monetarily, physically, spiritually, and mentally for the destruction and change they have caused.


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