Thursday, April 3, 2014

How To Help The World From Drought and Sea Level Rising

As I look at the world as a whole, I see many issues that need to be addressed, but its unfortunate that no one knows what to do.  As a man who wishes to not only help himself, but help those around me, I began thinking months ago while at Salad Works eating dinner about how to help not only America, but the world as a whole, specifically drought ridden areas such as California and more importantly the Middle East.  Water, as of recently, is becoming a problem of concern for many reasons.  As our land becomes drought ridden, it has brought me to think about solutions to this significant issue.  Water not only covers 78% of our Earth, but our bodies have a similar percentage of water.  From this thought, I believe that we need to take better measures to preserve and protect our livelihood by acknowledging and fixing this issue of water scarcity.  Here is my story on just how to do that:

As one looks at California, and subsequently the rest of the globes problem areas on water scarcity, it leads me to ideas on just how to fix this problem of concern.  Rather than keep my ideas to myself, I personally would rather help the world now, than wait until I have the financial ability to fix this issue.  We need to address this issue because it will only help in areas of agriculture since California is quite fertile, and with fixing the issue of water scarcity, I will be helping millions of people as well as the economic status of farmers and our Earth as a whole.  We need to look toward building infrastructure that will take water from oceans, and desalinate it via free solar energy.  In doing so, one would eliminate problems and help others economically.

By building infrastructure to take water from the ocean and spreading it out over vast areas, one will essentially help our agriculture companies since we've seen a growing issue in many parts of the world where drought has become a problem of concern.  In doing so, one would see an increase in crop yield and financial stability for those farmers who not only feed our country, but the world as whole.  Not only will this new infrastructure help the farmers, but help those people who have invested their money in hopes that their investment will see return since crops are a traded commodity in our economy, as well as maintaining an abundant food supply to be taken to market for the people of our country, and the world collectively.  As you can see without water, photosynthesis cannot work considering plants use sunlight and water to undergo photosynthesis, and without one or the other, one will see the destruction of our food supply, and subsequently civilization as a whole.  Look at Soviet Russia where Stalin killed millions simply by cutting off their food supply via agriculture, and I do not wish to see that happen in America nor the world now or leading into the future.

Not only will taking water from the ocean and dispersing it on land help our agricultural industry, but it will help companies that manufacture and sell salt for whatever reason.  Although I feel our country eats way too much salt which is probably one of the reason we are overweight because salt retains water, I feel taking water from the ocean and desalinating it via solar energy will only help grow the sodium industry leading into the future.  Sodium is an essential part of maintaining a sound nervous system since sodium and potassium ions help promote a healthy and optimal information transfer between neurons.  Once again, as one will see, taking water from the ocean is beneficial in many different ways.

Finally, we come what I see as a serious and crucial problem our world is facing as global warming and climate change becomes a growing issue now and in the future.  As our glaciers melt and subsequently fall apart in larger amounts as their structural integrity is compromised on such vast scales as heat is added to our atmospheric system, one will start to see sea levels rise.  As they rise, our world will start to be significantly effected as populations must move inland as a direct result of sea level rising. We must do something to counteract this rise to balance a changing system.  By creating a network of pipes and water networks, one will slowly counteract such a dire consequence of rising sea levels.  As a result, one will be saving the economies of our shoreline, as well as counteracting overcrowding cities and rural areas alike as people are pushed inland due to global sea rise.

Regardless of the fact of whether global warming or climate change is or is not a reality for us, one believes that creating a network to disperse ocean water throughout our the world's land has many beneficial consequences that come with it.  First of all, water is arguably the most important part of growing and sustaining an abundant food supply for not only America, but the world in general.  By desalinating the ocean water via solar energy, it will be economically beneficial for salt companies into the future as well as governments and business alike who maintain and provide water to its consumers.  Finally, by creating and sustaining such a network, one will see a counteracting balance to the threat of global sea level rise and the detrimental effect it shall have on the economy and our way of life as a whole.  As a whole, we need to calculate and know how much water to take from the ocean at one time, so we do not flood our land.  We need to implement a strong and secure valve and backup system(s) just in case Earth or weather phenomenon were to wreak havoc on the built up infrastructure. In the end, an idea is only an idea until it is implemented into society for all to benefit from!

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